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Music & Library


Our music program aims to develop a lifelong enjoyment of music within each student. Our hands-on program is based on the Orff-Shulwerk method, which begins with things children already have expertise in: talking, playing, moving, and singing. From Kindergarten on, students explore pitch and pulse using special “Orff” instruments: xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels as well as a wide variety of other pitched and non-pitched instruments found in our beautiful studio. Students who study music outside of school are heartily encouraged to bring those talents with them. By co-creating ensemble pieces, children learn to share ideas and problem-solve. 

Students sing, dance, and play their way up to sixth grade, where they spend the year selecting, arranging, and performing musical pieces for the school community. In addition, students listen to and analyze music and learn folk dances from all over the world. Finally, our entire community - students, teachers, staff, and families—sings together as we gather for our student assemblies.


At The Oaks, students are fortunate to have a fully operational library as an extension to the classroom. Through our library program, children become well-versed in check-out procedures, online catalogs, and utilizing various resources to engage in deeper research. Each grade level has the opportunity to engage in hands-on, in-depth projects related to topics studied in the classroom to promote research, critical thinking, interpretation, discussion, and problem-solving skills.

Music & Library Highlights

  • Student assemblies
  • Winter Sing
  • Over 15,000 books in circulation
  • Cross-curricular collaboration