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History of Our Work

The Oaks Equity, Inclusion, & Social Justice (EISJ) Committee—A Brief Overview and Timeline

The Oaks Equity, Inclusion, & Social Justice (EISJ) Committee arose out of the Parent Association’s Diversity Committee, which was founded in 2009. The group’s goal was to help welcome all families to the school, and toward that end they originated the New Family Brunch and the Global Groove, a dance party celebrating student heritage and music from around the world.

In 2013, The EISJ name was adopted to reflect a new school-wide commitment to deeper diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI) work, and the committee grew to include faculty, administration, Board members, and Room Ambassadors. The group’s monthly meetings adopted a formalized syllabus, exploring social-justice issues in the school curriculum as well as in the world beyond the Oaks, and EISJ also now provides DEI training for all new families. In addition, the committee introduced evening programming, inviting visiting speakers to the school and attending cultural events in greater L.A.

We hope you join us as we continue to expand our work!


Leadership & Vision
The year 2013 saw the departure of four families of color, and after much discussion with the leadership of the PA Diversity Committee, it was determined that a new approach was needed for diversity and inclusion work at The Oaks. With a new administration willing to take the lead, it was time for a new direction. The school administration determined that a comprehensive change initiative was needed to create an inclusive school community.

Oaks Community Education and Inspiration
Administration, parents, and faculty members attended the Wildwood Multicultural Leadership Summer Institute. This core group formed the first Multicultural Vision Committee (MVC) and began to plan and implement a multi-year strategy to both diversify the student body and create an inclusive school community.

Successes & Application of the Work
Teachers began constructing curriculum that represented multiple perspectives.


Leadership & Vision
The Board of Trustees determined that diversity and inclusion work should be included in the Long Range Plan and began forming the long-range vision.

The Board of Trustees allocated significant, ongoing funding for this work.

The PA Diversity Committee was reconfigured as the Equity, Inclusion, & Social Justice Committee (EISJ). Leadership expanded to include Board members and administration.

Oaks Community Education and Inspiration
Faculty VISIONS training began with Terry Berman and Jim Turner. This is a personal approach to change and equity.

EISJ began hosting monthly meetings and VISIONS trainings for parents.

Successes & Application of the Work
Adoption of the “Guidelines for Inclusivity”

Wildwood educator Monique Marshall presented parent education event “What Should I Say When My Child Asks About Difference?”


Leadership & Vision
The Oaks School Long Range Plan is published, with “We are Multicultural” as one of the key initiatives.

Oaks Community Education and Inspiration

Introduced tradition of EISJ VISIONS training for all new families

Ted, Patty, and faculty began sharing EISJ elements of the curriculum at monthly meetings.

Successes & Application of the Work
Daylong VISIONS training at Board retreat

Several teachers trained with Monique Marshall at Wildwood in the “Never Too Young” workshop.


Oaks Community Education and Inspiration
Speaker Series Event “Let’s Talk About Whiteness” with Jason David from AWARE-LA


Leadership & Vision
Determined that more bandwidth would be needed to continue diversity and inclusion work

Board approved a new position

MVC was streamlined to consist of Head, Assistant Head, Dir. of Admissions and Civic Engagement, EISJ PA Chairs, and two faculty members

Oaks Community Education and Inspiration
EISJ Night Out for screening and talk on “Loving”

EISJ Night Out for Oaks parent Rene Rivera’s one-man play, “King of the Desert”

Administrators and Board Members attended the PACE intensive in Oakland.

Successes & Application of the Work
Introduced EISJ Prospective Parent Night

Director of Admissions and Civic Engagement was hired


Increased students of color by 7%.

Long Range Plan

For greater insight into how we plan to engage with this philosophy and progress in the future, you can explore our Long Range Plan.