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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


By choosing to attend The Oaks School, our families deliberately seek to participate in a joyful child-centric community. We invite our families to share their differing perspectives and celebrate the unique nature of each family. Inclusive, multicultural practices are central to our curriculum and our community. By actively exploring the multiple identities we all hold, navigating the complexities of privilege, and cultivating cultural fluency, we seek to foster a better understanding of each other. In emphasizing the importance of kindness and respect for all, we produce compassionate young people who are able to recognize social inequities and are empowered with the tools to address them in the community and in the world.

We have a wide range of associations focused on increasing multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion in our community. These groups are comprised of parents, students, and faculty who all share our unified mission of helping our school reflect the diverse global community. Multicultural Leadership at The Oaks is about more than just increasing diversity — it is about implementing day to day practices that help us engage with difference in more meaningful, inclusive ways.




Long Range Plan

For greater insight into how we plan to engage with this philosophy and progress in the future, you can explore to our Long Range Plan.

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