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Philosophy in Action


Learning in a social and collaborative environment allows for sharing thoughts, ideas and words. We stretch our thinking by putting thoughts – fully formed, half-formed, or just budding ideas – into words. The opportunity for richer understanding and innovative problem solving exists when learning is social and collaborative. Different perspectives give room for comparing and contrasting ideas, words, and methods where problems can be solved in a number of ways. And the ability to reflect on the learning process with others – examining, interpreting, and evaluating, can lead to a deep understanding of content and process.

Our teachers model collaboration, as co-teachers, and as teams to create interdisciplinary lesson plans in conjunction with specialist teachers. Core subjects are integrated with the special subjects of Art, Drama, Music, Library, Physical Education, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math).





Inclusive and multicultural practices are central to our curriculum and community. By actively exploring the multiple perspectives we all hold, navigating the complexities of privilege and cultivating cultural fluency, students gain a better understanding of the larger world. Educating the whole child means developing the critical skills needed to evaluate issues, which, in turn, encourages moral conviction and a desire to act accordingly in the spirit of ethical service.






Students learn early on that their voice matters and that they can be advocates for themselves and others. It is through the building of relationships and having meaningful interactions with others that we gain a fundamental respect and understanding of the world. Promoting a warm environment of kindness, respect, and inclusivity helps to foster compassion in our students who can emerge as a new generation of leaders in a multicultural world. Through shared experiences, we come to know that which is singular and unique, and that which we hold in common.