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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees holds the school and the mission in its trust. Its role is to protect and nurture the core values of the school while simultaneously planning and preparing for the future.

This strategic planning includes ensuring the fiscal health of the school so that it may best serve the program today and will continue to best serve future generations of students. The Board hires, supports, and empowers a Head of School who is entrusted with executing the school's mission.

The Trustees and the Head of School collaborate together to support and create an engaging, nurturing, and forward-thinking institution that holds the best interests of its children at the forefront at all times.

Our current board has 16 members comprised of ten women and six men (eleven of whom are current parents, three of whom are parents of alums), a faculty member, and the Head of School. Each of our Trustees brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to the Board, and together they provide a strong overall perspective.


Board of Trustees, 2021-2022

Abby Weintraub, Board Chair

Adam Fox

Ashley Butler Post

Ashley Usich-Iha, PA Co-President

Chris Hobbs

Donald Grant

Fielding Edlow

Heather Washington

Janine Jones

Jacquelyn Ayears, Faculty Representative

Jessica Day

Kristen Vaurio

Lisa Tarlow Thurnauer

Liz Dean

Rob Reynolds

Ted Hamory, Head of School