2020-2021 Campus Re-Opening Plan


The Oaks will begin the 2020-21 school year in an all-distance mode. This is due to the current California state criteria that prevent on-campus instruction from taking place until the COVID-19 situation improves in Los Angeles County.

To read about our reopening plan for the rest of the school year, click on the links below.

COVID-19 School Guidance Checklist

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COVID-19 Prevention Program (CPP)

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Head of School Updates

April 12, 2021

Dear Oaks School Families,

Welcome back! I hope that your Spring Break was full of rest, relaxation, and joy. It has been great to see the students on campus today. Everyone seems happy to be back and eager to get started. 

As we continue to re-open, I want to share again with you our plans for the next few weeks. Here they are:

  1. Week of April 12th - Grades K-6 on campus Monday-Thursday
  2. Week of April 19th - Grades 3-6 expand to include lunch and a specialist class
  3. Week of April 26 - Grade K-2 expand to include lunch and a specialist class

Fridays remain as Distance Learning days.  Drop off and pick-up times will shift slightly as we expand the time on campus. Look for a schedule to come shortly from your teachers. 

Please note that due to the public health guidelines currently in place, our special subject classes will shift from distance learning to in-person workshop-style classes. Special subject classes will be offered on a rotating basis from week to week. Each class will be 30-45 minutes in length 2-4 days per week.

You may have heard that  LA county has recently revised the travel guidelines effective 04/05.  For those families who are traveling, since students are not yet eligible for vaccinations, the quarantine period is now 7 full days with a negative covid test within 3-5 days of their return.  If they don't get tested within that time frame, they must quarantine for 10 full days.  There is also guidance for those who are vaccinated.  Just in case you don't have it, here is the link.

I have also attached the slides and recording from our Town Hall Meeting in March. You can access the slides here and the recording here ( Password: i8IDj*L* ).

Thanks again for your support. See you soon. 



Ted Hamory

Head of School


Dates to remember

April 16      Music Assembly

April 20      Courageous Conversation at 4pm

May 31       Memorial Day

June 10       Last day of Classes 

June 10       Graduation

March 22, 2021

Dear Oaks School Families,

I hope that your weekend was a good one. Many of us are deeply saddened by the events last week in Atlanta and are actively seeking ways to take action. Tanynya sent an email with resources for you on Friday. I have compiled a short list of ways you can act now in support and solidarity with our Asian and Asian American Communities:

  • Learn about and amplify issues concerning all forms of violence against Asian and Asian American communities.
  • Ensure all community members are seen, heard, valued, and protected.
  • Seek ways to build cross-racial solidarity.
  • Teach our students how to recognize unfairness and have the language to describe how unfairness hurts.
  • Empower each other to act alone or together against all prejudice and discriminatory actions.
  • Check-in with any Asian/Pacific Islanders in your circle of friends and acquaintances. 

Social Justice is at the core of our work here at The Oaks.  In an often-cited definition of social justice, the scholar-activist Lee Anne Bell insists: Social justice is both a process and a goal. The goal of social justice is the full and equal participation of all groups in a society that is mutually shaped to meet their needs. Social justice includes a vision of society in which the distribution of resources is equitable, and all members are physically and psychologically safe and secure. The events of the past week remind us that we are still far from this goal and that we must work together to overcome these challenges.

This Thursday at 4 pm we will hold a March Town Hall meeting. We will share our plans for April, May, and June as we continue to expand our time on campus. I hope you can join us. 

Classes resume on April 12 and I hope that you all have a great break. Take care.


Ted Hamory

Head of School


Dates to remember

March 25                       March Town Hall Meeting (4pm)

March 29-April 9          Spring Break

April 12                         Classes resume

June 10                          Last day of Classes 

June 10                          Graduation

August 30                     First day of school 2021-22

March 15, 2021

Dear Oaks School Families,

Happy Monday! I hope that the change to Daylight Savings Time did not impact your sleep too much. Our return to school continues this week with 3rd and 4th grade attending 4 days per week. 5th and 6th grade will also be back for 2 days this week. This week we will have 75% of students on campus. So far, our return to campus has gone very smoothly without any major issues. Thank you all for supporting the public health guidelines.

We are slowly returning to on-campus learning and we expect to further expand our time on campus after spring break. We expect that 100% of our faculty and staff will be completely vaccinated by the end of Spring Break.  I will be sharing our plans for April, May, and June at our Town Hall meeting next week. It will be on Thursday, March 25 at 4 pm. More details to follow. I hope you can make it.

As we approach Spring Break, travel is on many people's minds. Here are the guidelines for travel from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health:

  1. Non-essential travel is strongly discouraged. 
  2. Travel outside of Los Angeles County will require a 10-day quarantine at home with an additional 4 days of 'monitoring.' Students will be placed back on distance learning until cleared to return to school. 
  3. During the quarantine period, families should test every 2-4 days. A negative test result will be required to return to campus. 
  4. Families should keep the school informed of their travel plans. To streamline this, you can email your travel questions/plans to Isabel at Isabel@OaksSchool.org and we will follow up with you. 

I hope that you can understand the difficult position this puts the school in. Just like you, we are eager to return to a normal school schedule and we have no desire to regulate your travel plans. But this is the situation we are in. In order to maintain our momentum for re-opening, we are asking that you follow the above guidelines. If you must travel and also wish for your child to attend classes in-person, please plan accordingly. Thank you for your support. 

Keep in mind that if you have chosen in-person learning, distance learning is only available to you in the afternoons and on Friday. If your child is sick or you are not able to bring them to school, distance learning will not be an option. Instead, students should follow up with their teachers just like they would after a typical absence from school.  Our faculty and staff are working hard to support all of our students and, ensuring that routines are predictable for students, is key to this work.

Tomorrow, March 16, is our March Courageous Conversation. This month we will be talking about ways to be more active in social justice work and we will be asking for your input on future topics. I hope you can join us. Here is the Zoom link for the meeting

It has been so great seeing many of you at school. Thanks again for your support. Have a good evening. 


Ted Hamory

Head of School

Dates to remember

March 16                          Courageous Conversation 4pm

March 25                          March Town Hall Meeting 4pm

March 29-April 9             Spring Break

April 12                             Classes resume

June 10                             Last day of Classes 

June 10                             Graduation

August 30                        First day of school 2021-22

March Town Hall Webinar

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March Town Hall Slides

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Virtual Campus Visits


While our campus is closed and we are not providing in-person tours, please take a moment to enjoy the "First Look at The Oaks" video below. We will offer you many opportunities to see our students in action, virtually. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay connected with us during this time. 

Our Admission Office is open and available to you virtually for any questions you may have. Email us to Admission@OaksSchool.org