Multicultural Leadership

At the Oaks, we have a wide range of associations, practices, groups, and leaders focused on increasing multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion in our community. These groups and leaders are comprised of parents, students, and faculty who all share a unified mission of helping our school reflect the diverse global community we are all a part of. Multicultural Leadership at the Oaks is about more than just increasing diversity—it is about implementing day to day practices that help us engage with difference in more meaningful, inclusive ways. For greater insight into how we plan to engage with this philosophy and progress in the future, you can link to our Long Range Plan here.

Multicultural Visions Committee
The Multicultural Visions Committee is made up of parents and faculty members, focusing on implementing our work with Visions, Inc. into daily life at the Oaks. The committee uses the “Multicultural Guidelines for Communicating Across Difference” as a framework to guide how to best implement effective communication strategies at the Oaks.

EISJ Parent Committee
The Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Committee is a group of parent volunteers brought together by a collective goal of increasing the social responsibility, justice, equality, and inclusivity of our school community. The EISJ Parent committee holds discussions and panels throughout the year to help open honest dialogues about the Oaks’ progress relating to these goals. Additionally, the EISJ Parent Committee plans special events that help our community think critically about things like race, economic inequality, and social justice.

Room Ambassadors
Our room ambassadors are the “grass roots” level of work surrounding equity, inclusion, and social justice. While we do have a tight-knit and actively engaged community here at the Oaks, room ambassadors help “trickle-down” the work done by the various parent and faculty committees by working directly with specific classrooms. This classroom-centered approach ensures that all the work done by parents, faculty, and staff is transparent and translatable to a specific classroom’s parents and students. Room ambassadors help increase communication while also ensuring each broad Oaks goal is tailored for a specific classroom.

Faculty Leadership
The Oaks faculty continually goes above and beyond in their efforts to implement practices supported by our work surrounding multiculturalism and inclusion. Each year, all faculty members undergo training with Terry Berman and Jim Turner of Visions, Inc. This training—primarily oriented around group work and focused on day to day interpersonal interactions—provides guidelines for communication and is the standard-bearer for all of our future work. Faculty members frequently comment on how work with Terry and Jim informs their classroom approach each and every day. From this solid foundation, faculty members are able to take a leadership role in our daily efforts to increase multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion.


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