The Oaks 30th Anniversary Fund

When The Oaks School was founded, 30 years ago, the founding board members, teachers, and administrators had a vision of creating an independent K-6 school in Los Angeles that prepared students to meet the world with the combined wisdom of an intelligent mind, a skilled hand, and a compassionate heart.

It was also the vision of the founding board members to create an indoor-outdoor school environment—one that allowed our students to learn, grow, and thrive in an outdoor green space that could give them hands-on learning experience in an edible garden and where they could run and play in a natural environment.

We now have the opportunity, on our 30th Anniversary, to make good on that founding vision to support the historic building we live in and to create a green space that will allow our children to truly have an indoor-outdoor classroom environment that will further strengthen the role of our facility as the “third teacher” to our students.

We are proud to announce the launch of The Oaks 30th Anniversary Fund to help make that dream a reality.


    Throughout this brochure, you will find beautiful depictions of the green space we hope to develop in the area where the cottages are, on the border of the parking lot.We are in conversations with the Church about taking over the cottages, and if we raise the necessary funds, we can begin demolition and construction of our green space in May 2016 so that children can use the space in the 2016-2017 year.

    The green space, which was developed by world-famous designer Pam Shamshiri, will give our kids the opportunity to bring their learning outdoors—to learn about how we interact with our environment and to have real hands-on opportunities to see that interaction at work.While this plan is still in development and we hope to engage students, current families, and alumni families in its specifics, you can see that we have sketched out an edible garden, a green space that allows our kids to run and play on grass (which, even in a time of drought, is planned to be environmentally sound), water elements that can help us learn about scientific processes, and spaces to expand our curricular programs.

    Our arrival at the Church was from the onset intended to be temporary. Over the years, various incarnations of boards and school heads have searched for an equally affordable, well-situated structure for the school to own. While we were looking outward, the school was digging deep roots here, and that experience taught us that we were already in the best home we could have. With that said, we need to solidify our commitment to that permanence by updating the antiquated electrical and air conditioning systems in our historic building.

    Since its inception, The Oaks has aspired to make its program available to the most diverse community possible. Tuition assistance is just one of the tools we use to achieve that goal.An expanded scholarship fund will help grow our commitment to socio-economic, ethnic, and cultural diversity and provide additional dollars to families who stretch to be here or who find themselves in crisis.

The Oaks School
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