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As the Year Winds Down...


We've been discussing lifestyles in our animal study. Did you know that plants have a lifecycle too? Our garden started out as seeds and seedlings. Now that we've harvested a bunch, we've been talking about the parts of our plants that are seeds. We took our knowledge of seeds and created our own. We had to invent a seed, tell how it travels, where it lives, and the plant it grows.

"Every time you shake it, all the lollipops fall off. Every lollipop is blue on it." - Sasha

"My seed has a parachute and it lives inside of a cookie." - Georgia

We've really enjoyed all of the insects that have come to visit too!

"His name is long eye and I found it in my garden, like at my garden thing - the thing I planted." - Raphael

"We're taking care of the snail, he's a land snail." - Dante

The buddies have been busy writing their graduation speeches. Today they took a break to eat lunch with us.

This week we climbed the rock wall.

"It was really fun and with the noodles I could like backflipping through the noodles." - Colton

"It was hard and one time there was noodles to climb over and Sherry said if you wanted to do a different challenge then you could hang on the wall and challenge yourself by hanging on the wall for as many seconds as you want and everyone made it to the end like falling one or two times." - Lucy

Crazy Hair Day

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday June 3, 2016 at 03:40PM
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Parent Helpers to the Rescue!

Parent Volunteers

This week a few parents helped us put the finishing touches on our Animal books.

With their help we were able to get so much accomplished!

"My mom is helping me make the words for my book." -Jack

"I'm drawing in my book about the Koo Koo. My Mom helped." -Sadie

"Me and my Dad are making my book about my animal, The Meat Killer Blood. It can kill any animal!" -Ely

An Original Oaks Tune...

Atticus's dad, Ched, wrote a song about the Mighty K and taught it to the class!

"My Dad played the guitar and taught us a song about The Oaks." -Atticus

Multi-Age Oasis...

Multi-Age invited us to see the magic they created in their classroom!

Plants took over their class and they even showed us how to play a piano with water using a Makey-Makey!

"I saw a tree house you got to go in. Only 2 people. I went in a tent, they made it." -Raphael

"So, I was touching the tin foil and I was touching the water and it made music on the computer." -Oliver

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday May 27, 2016 at 03:03PM
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Animals, Shakespeare, & Collaboration


We continue to study animals. Kindergartners are hard at work on their animal books. They had to take what they've learned about animals and create their own animal.

"It's called The Owleta. It's about an Owleta that eats prairie dog." - Raphael

"My animal's predator is a strawberry poison dart frog." - Jack

Once the children had a blueprint of the animal they created, they made a 3-D version out of Model Magic. The animals are currently on display to the left of the art sink. Come check them out.

"It was so hard to shape it, but when I tried to put beads on to decorate it, it actually helped me with making the wing and then I tried to make another wing the same way and it was hard." - Georgia

"Making a Prog. It's a creature that I made up. He never poos. He doesn't poo because the food evaporates in his stomach." - Abe

"First, I thought I'd do the whole thing in just black and blue, but when I mixed a color of white and red I thought that would be a good color for my hands or something." - Joseph

"What eats it are spiders and scorpions and it lives in the desert." - Dante"

"It's called The Koo Koo. It can spin a web." - Sadie


Our buddies performed acts taken from three of Shakespeare's plays: Much Ado About Nothing, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and The Tempest. We had so much fun watching them!

"It was so funny I almost fell out my chair!" - Atticus

"They were doing Shakespeare and it was like assembly but it wasn't." - Addie


We read "Not A Box". Then, students were challenged to create something out of all of the materials we have been collecting for creation station. They had to come up with something they could all build together, draw a plan, and then build their structure. After much discussion, they decided to build a house with a catapult on top.

"We voted, and I thought of making a giant birthday cake, but I noticed that this might be cooler. " - Basel

"We were sort of making up it along." - Lucy

"We made it really big. It has a TV in it." - Colton

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday May 20, 2016 at 03:00PM
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Gardening & Stuffie Sleepover...

Stuffie Sleepover

The Mighty K brought their stuffies to school and zany high jinks ensued!

First we introduced our stuffies to the class.

Then the stuffies spent the night in The Cottage.

In the morning we found that they had had a PARTY!

"Fluffy was drinking Coke."-Addie

"Mr. Met was playing poker. I don't think he won!"-Joe

Bee Pollination

Continuing our insect study we discussed bees pollinating flowers.

Using cheeto dust as "pollen" and bee cut outs we pollinated flowers around The Mighty K.

"I was eating the cheetos and when the timer was up we didn't lick our fingers but wiped it on the flower!"-Raphael

Gardening Fun

After harvesting our ripe eggplants and basil we made oven fried eggplant and home made pesto!

"I'm picking basil for pesto. It used sunflower seeds, olive oil, bail, garlic and cheese."-Nellie

"I'm washing basil."-Will

"I had to dip the eggplant in egg and then in bread crummies and cheesy mixture and basil. It was not so good tasting, a little too chewy."-Sasha

Origami Fun!

Drake's Mom Bootsy and Ely's grandparents Apa & Yaya came to help us make origami.

"We're making turtles and if you fold the turtles head in it turns into a frog"-Drake

"We were making balloons and frogs out of paper. My Apa is an expert!"-Ely

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday May 13, 2016 at 03:26PM
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Birds & Bees

This week we continued our animal study with birds and insects.


It's not easy being a bird. We discussed all the obstacles a bird has to avoid in flight. Then we flew through obstacles like telephone wires and pollution.

"I'm getting sprayed by "chemicals"." - Nellie

"Birds - they can fly, they have feathers, they have wings." - Will

"I'm getting electrocuted by the wires up on the street." - Dante

We talked about all the different beaks birds have and how their different shapes help them eat. Then, we tried out different beak shapes to see how much "food" we could gather in 45 seconds.

"I'm doing a thing where I'm being a hummingbird." - Colton

"I'm clipping up the seeds because I can only get the seeds not the oatmeal. " - Georgia

"I'm doing a pelican catching fish." - James


To begin our insect study, we discussed all the things bugs must have to be classified as an insect: 6 legs; 3 body parts: a head, an abdomen and a thorax; wings; and antennae. Then, we created our own insects. They're hanging above the math center, come check them out.

"I'm making a insect. It has a lot of eyes." - Abe


"I'm making my bee. All bees have, well not the Queen, but all other bees have curved things before their stingers." - Oliver

Marvelous Multi-Age

As we begin thinking about the kinders transition into Multi-Age, we invited the Multi-Age teachers to come read a story to Kindergarten so we could get to know them. We will have many more interactions with the Multi-Age teachers, and current first years, in hopes to ease any worries about leaving Kindergarten (which we stress to the children is a long time from now).

"We were getting to know them better: Kathleen, Katie, Stuart, April." - Addie

"A lot of the books were funny and serious. All of the teachers came to read. A lot of the books were people getting kind of mad at their self." - Lucy

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday May 6, 2016 at 03:37PM
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And the Fun Continues...

We continued our animal study. This week we studied reptiles and amphibians.


We talked about all the characteristics of a reptile. We were curious about what it means to be cold blooded, so we did an investigation with different temperatures.

We learned:

"They all lay eggs." - Nellie

"I learned that they all have back bones." - Addie

"Babies look like their moms." - Sasha

"They're cold blooded." -Ely

"They have scales, they're cold blooded, they lay eggs, when they hatch they look just like their mother." - Will

"We're trying to look how hot it is for 2 minutes and then we wrote it down on a paper. Mine was 55, Addie's was 50, Jack's was 51. Just Henry and Drake's were 55." - Lucy


People often confuse amphibians with reptiles. We learned that the main differences are that amphibians go through a metamorphosis (reptiles are born "little versions of their parents"), their skin is wet, they lay their eggs in water, and they start their life in water then move to land. We each created a flip book to show the lifecycle of a frog. The next day we split up into committees and created a group pond to illustrate the lifecycle of frogs.

"We're making frogs. They don't just turn out as a green frog. They have a whole cycle in their life. I'm drawing a froglet." - Basel

"They are cold blooded. It was fun." - James

"In our books there are eggs, tadpole, frogling, frog." - Henry

"I'm making a pond for frogs. 'Cause we're learning about amphibians." - Abe

"We learned that amphibians have all different lives. They start out as eggs, then they start out as tadpoles and then they grow legs and then they go to grown up frogs." - Georgia

"They're cold blooded." - Atticus


We continued our treasures investigation. This week we went through each box to make sure its contents fit the designated classification category. We then shared about some of the cool objects we found.

"We're sorting all the stuff. Well, I really like being with Jack. It really made me laugh when he put the blue sunglasses on." - Joseph

"We're looking at the blue stuff. Because we were looking at the colored things. Then we showed each other our favorite things." - Jack

5th Grade Authors

The fifth graders came down and read the books they wrote to us. We really enjoyed seeing how much detail they put in their drawings.

"That guy is reading to me - The Three Robbers. It's about three robbers that like rob things." - Raphael

"It was good: that they read their books to us and yeah, good." - Dante

Posted by Kindergarten on Monday May 2, 2016 at 09:45AM
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Underwood Family Farms!

We started the week going to Underwood Family Farms to continue our Plant Study and our Animal Study.

As soon as we arrived we got to play on a huge haystack:

After a snack we learned about the fruits and vegetables grown at Underwood Farms.

Then we took a ride on a tractor to pick vegetables!

Farmer Giselle gave us a tour and we picked vegetables.

After lunch we took an animal tour of the farm.

Georgia got to help a farmer hatch an egg!

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday April 22, 2016 at 03:09PM
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Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh My!

Animal Study

This week we started our animal study. First, we discussed the similarities and differences between plants and animals. Then we sorted animals into the 6 groups we will study: fish, mammals, insects, reptiles, birds and amphibians.

Teachers asked the class "How are animals and plants the same?" Students responded:

"Some animals are like camouflage and they're like green."

"Like grass is green and the alligator is green."

"Crocodiles and alligators kinda look the same."

"Because they're both living."

"Making my lizard. My bones. Because it has bones. It's a amphibian." - James

Once we talked about the different groups of animals we will be studying, we started our fish investigation.

We learned...

"They have gills, teeth, fins, eyes, scales, nostrils and slime." - Dante

"They have slime on them." - Colton

"They live in water for the whole time and one type of fish carries their eggs in their mouth." - Lucy

"I'm holding my nose 'cause it's stinky. We have a fish 'cause we're learning about fish, like that they have gills." - Drake

"They have slimy eyes, like gooey. It looks like it has sharp teeth, but it doesn't." - Will

Publishing Party

We had our second publishing party. This time we read our I Like books to our classmates and our buddies.

"I'm reading my I Like book. It's about what I like. We put my buddy in a box." - Jack

"Oh me! I'm reading my I Like book. I liked reading to my buddy." - Raphael

"We're having popcorn because lots of people wanted popcorn. We were celebrating the publishing party." - Oliver

Letter Writing

This week in writers' workshop we learned the format for a letter. We wrote letters to Ted, Patty, and our buddies. Then we mailed them. We hope they write us back.

"I'm putting my letter in the mailbox. It's to my buddy. I hope he writes me back." - Abe

"I just liked my buddy a lot. I writed 'Dear Everett, Can I come to Your House?' Love, Atticus." - Atticus

Marvelous Mighty K Parents

Gaetano, Jada's dad came in and made Jello. with us.

"We're making Jello with Nellie and Will and Dante and Baci and Uncle Guy. I give the Jello to my friends." - Jada

Leslie, Lucy's mom, shared her paper airplane expertise with us.

"Kids were just like coming up wanting to make a paper airplane and there was so many different kinds and we were doing it with white paper and coloring them except jack was the first person to decide to do the yellow and blue paper." - Lucy

Your wish is our command...

Children built a volcano in the sand and asked if we could make it erupt. So we did. :)

"Well we made a volcano out of sand and it exploded. We asked to make it explode and we got to." - Basel

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday April 15, 2016 at 03:09PM
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Treasures & Counting by 10s!

Welcome Back!

Mighty K returned from Spring Break with a BANG!

Before the break we visited Multi-Age and noticed their "Materials Library" of recycled items and the art work they made using those materials.

"I was looking at wood. I wrote some stuff I saw at Multi-Age."-Dante

We were so inspired that over the break we collected "treasures" that we could use to build our own materials library.

Then, Kindergarteners shared their two favorite or most unique treasures.

"I'm showing my drift wood."-Sadie

"I'm showing my ribbon, it came from my house."-Will

Then we laid all of the treasures out in the block area and started sorting them or making groups of things that are alike.

"We're sorting. I liked sorting the golden stuff."-Lucy

We are excited to see what we create with these treasures!

Counting by 10's

Mighty K mastered counting by 5s using our hand chart.

Some kids mentioned that they knew how to count by 10s!

We worked as a group to think of ways to make a chart to help us remember how to count by 10s.

Drake suggested that "we make something like the counting by 5s chart but different."

Sarah reminded kids that our hands are not the only things on our body that have 5 digits.

We figured we could use our feet to make a new chart, and we broke out the paint!

"She is painting my foot because we are going to count by 10's with our feet!"-Jack

Later that week we did some fun activities counting by 10's:

"I'm showing her a fast way to count to 100 by 10's"-Addie

"I was making bubble gum machines, you had to do 10 gum balls in each"-Abe

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday April 8, 2016 at 03:00PM
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Catapults and Cooking

Students were making catapults out of the outside blocks. We decided to incorporate their ideas into our measurement investigation.

As a group we spoke about catapults and watched two short videos about Roman catapults. Then, students had to make a catapult using the following materials: spoons, rubber bands, tooth picks, Q-tips, popsicle sticks and tape.

"We were inspired by Lucy's. Our brains didn't have ideas and we were running out of time so we made this." - Oliver

Once everyone had built their catapult, we shared how we built them with the group and then launched a pom pom.

"This one is a hand one, so when you let go it goes really far and when you let go of the rubber band did you know it goes really far?" - James

Day 2 – Challenge: Build a catapult that can shoot a pom-pom the furthest.

Students recalled what friends shared about how they built their catapults the day before. They then made a new catapult or made modifications to the one they built the previous day. Once everyone was finished, we went outside and launched the pom-poms. Then, we measured how far our pom-pom flew.

Day 3 – Challenge: Build a catapult that can shoot a pom-pom the highest.

Students recalled what friends shared about how they built their catapults the day before. They then made a new catapult or made modifications to the one they built the previous day. Today we added straws to the materials we had to work with.

Once everyone was finished, we went outside and launched the pom-poms. Then, we observed if our pom-pom could launch higher than the pergola.

“I liked launching and I noticed I didn’t go that far. Next time add more popsicle sticks. It will probably be more like a paper plane.” – Sasha

Day 4 - Challenge: Build a catapult that can shoot a pom-pom that can hit a target. For our final challenge, students had to make a plan and draw a blue print for the modifications they would make to their existing catapult so that they could launch an object into a target.

“It’s the user’s manual.” – Colton

“I tried to attach this to that and I pulled the string up and it would launch.” - Joseph

“That’s Drake and that’s me and then we were gonna hit it to there and I made two baby catapults so there’s a better chance of making it.” - Lucy

What did you notice?

“They all have good aim.” – Ely

“I noticed that some were super fast, some were super slow, some went over it.” - Drake

Ely's dad, Chris, came in to cook Mac-N-Cheese with us.

"It was yummy. It was cool. See we used water, dry mac-n-cheese, and then we put in some bread crumbs and then cheese. Then we did it in the stove and viola we had mac-n-cheese!" - Ely

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday March 11, 2016 at 03:04PM
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