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Kindergarten Blog

More Firsts...


The 6th graders came down to tutor us. We call them tutors because we may work with a 6th grader who isn't our buddy. They come down and help us with reading and writing.

"We're playing a game and how you play is you find an animal and you find a letter and if you find the same ones that the letter starts with, you put them together and then you play until you do the whole thing." - Basel

"We were spelling. We were like spelling everything in the world." - Henry


We learned a new math game. We use our math brain through different math games involving strategies and problem solving.

"Playing the math game. We roll the dice and then we color the squares." - Jack

"It was fun. You roll the dice and then you write how many numbers are on the dice." - Sasha


We started our garden! We're planting a square foot garden. So far, we've planted broccoli, beans, and carrots. We will plant some more next week. We have to water it everyday!

"We're planting seeds: beans." - Jada

"I'm planting carrot seeds and I had to plant a lot and I had to plant it all over the box in five rows and water a lot." - Drake


Marilyn, one of the art teachers, came down and helped us finish the pumpkins we started in art last week. We practiced our fine motor skills while cutting out our pumpkins. Then we glued them to a dark background and added vines and stars.

"I was making pumpkins. We were drawing." - Joseph


Today in music we practiced being part of an orchestra. We each had our own instrument!

"Playing music! We're singing 'Criss Cross Apple Sauce Pepperoni Pizza'. There's something really cool that we learned - it is something when you're done with the instrument you can switch to another instrument." - Will

"I heard lots of noise and sounds. They made the big instrument that I went on first. We did so much things and a big, so big instrument, made me so happy." - James

Explore Time

Today at Explore Time we had creation station for the first time! At creation station we take recycled boxes and create anything we want.

"We're building balloons and birthday cakes for Kamilah's birthday and small and big birthday cakes out of cardboard. There's candles and everything. We built her a card and we wrote our names and everything and then we put little people in there like fake cardboard people and we put batteries in there so that when she opened it, it would sing something." - Lucy

"That's the cake that Lucy's holding and I'm trying to put in my super armor. We cutted it to pieces and we made it for Kamilah for her birthday." - Ely

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday October 2 at 04:04PM
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The Color of Us...

Self Study...

This week in Mighty K we started our Self Concept study.

We talked about our skin and the different tones and shades of color. Using the knowledge we learned about color mixing from Art, Sarah modeled how to mix the primary colors with white to make her skin color.

Next the students were given their own set of paints and mixed the colors until they found their perfect match.

"I'm making my skin color-it was taffy polk-a-dot. I used paint. It was a little hard because it kept getting darker or lighter."-Lucy

Every student named their skin color a special delicious name based on the fun names of skin tones from the book The Color of Us.

Kindergarten Firsts...

At Mindful time we explored our new journals. We can draw anything we want in our journals!

"We are drawing . Journals are new and I draw animals."-Abe

"We're working in our new journals. I'm drawing a house. It makes me feel good, it's private. I can write notes in them. I can show my friends."-Sasha

We also explored our new ramps and built structures in the block area.

"We're seeing if the ball can make it all the way down the ramp."-Drake

We even had our first day in Library!

"It's my library book about Legos. We read books there. There were so many books!"-Jack

6th Grade Buddies...

We chose our buddies and they walked us to Assembly!

"I'm with my my buddy Everett and we are going to the Assembly. He is my buddy so I chose him!"-Atticus

Brazilian Assembly

The Ballet Folclorico do Brasil came to The Oaks today and we got to witness instruments and traditional Brazilian dances!

"Well, I saw dancers and it was really fun. I know there was something else with music its called a drum in English."-Joseph

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday September 25 at 04:46PM
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We've Been Busy!

This was our first full week of kindergarten, and boy did we tackle a lot. Check out some of our highlights...


We started our unit on feelings. We discussed feelings we have in kindergarten. We talked about how all feelings are okay and we are in charge of our own feelings.

"We wanted our friends to see what it's like to have a feeling and we all drawed pictures to show our friends what feelings we feel sometimes." - Sadie

"We did art because of the book Feelings that we read. We drawed about feelings." - Nellie

"We talked about feelings, we writed them." - Joseph

We acted out some of our emotions in a game of charades.

"I was funny. It was fun. Everybody got a turn." - Basel


Our first lesson in writer's workshop was all about lines.

"I'm drawing a thick line. That's my first line. Curvy and thin are actually the only ones I remember."

- Oliver


We had fun exploring some of the math games we have in kindergarten.

"Playing Bug Jenga. It's fun." - Abe

"I built and um and I had fun and stuff." - Henry

"Pegs. Making a fish. It was easy." - Dante

"Yellow, blue, yellow, blue and green and red." - Jada


The 6th graders came down and had snack with us. We're getting to know them so we can choose our buddies next week.

"That was my friend 6th grader. We were talking about Star Wars and we said what lunches we had and we played together and then our friend got to go home and all that." - Drake


"Ted's Reading. It was fun. He read Airplane and Ponytail stories." - Sasha

"Ted is reading us a book. I know he read a plane book. It was a good book. Thanks Ted!" - Will

Posted by Kindergarten on Saturday September 19 at 08:29AM
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What a fun start to the school year...


We played outside in the sand!

"I was digging in the sand for moon rocks."- Nellie

We had Music with Carole!

"We did music and singing with Carole." -Abe

We had Activity Time and worked on projects with our names. Take some time to look around the classroom and see if you can find our names!

"I'm making my name with beans and glue on that brush." Dante

We even gave our class pet Starburst a bath!

"That's Starburst, she needed a bath! "-Lucy

Have a restful weekend as we are having full days starting on Monday!!

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday September 11 at 02:22PM
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