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Underwood Family Farms!

We started the week going to Underwood Family Farms to continue our Plant Study and our Animal Study.

As soon as we arrived we got to play on a huge haystack:

After a snack we learned about the fruits and vegetables grown at Underwood Farms.

Then we took a ride on a tractor to pick vegetables!

Farmer Giselle gave us a tour and we picked vegetables.

After lunch we took an animal tour of the farm.

Georgia got to help a farmer hatch an egg!

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday April 22 at 03:09PM
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Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh My!

Animal Study

This week we started our animal study. First, we discussed the similarities and differences between plants and animals. Then we sorted animals into the 6 groups we will study: fish, mammals, insects, reptiles, birds and amphibians.

Teachers asked the class "How are animals and plants the same?" Students responded:

"Some animals are like camouflage and they're like green."

"Like grass is green and the alligator is green."

"Crocodiles and alligators kinda look the same."

"Because they're both living."

"Making my lizard. My bones. Because it has bones. It's a amphibian." - James

Once we talked about the different groups of animals we will be studying, we started our fish investigation.

We learned...

"They have gills, teeth, fins, eyes, scales, nostrils and slime." - Dante

"They have slime on them." - Colton

"They live in water for the whole time and one type of fish carries their eggs in their mouth." - Lucy

"I'm holding my nose 'cause it's stinky. We have a fish 'cause we're learning about fish, like that they have gills." - Drake

"They have slimy eyes, like gooey. It looks like it has sharp teeth, but it doesn't." - Will

Publishing Party

We had our second publishing party. This time we read our I Like books to our classmates and our buddies.

"I'm reading my I Like book. It's about what I like. We put my buddy in a box." - Jack

"Oh me! I'm reading my I Like book. I liked reading to my buddy." - Raphael

"We're having popcorn because lots of people wanted popcorn. We were celebrating the publishing party." - Oliver

Letter Writing

This week in writers' workshop we learned the format for a letter. We wrote letters to Ted, Patty, and our buddies. Then we mailed them. We hope they write us back.

"I'm putting my letter in the mailbox. It's to my buddy. I hope he writes me back." - Abe

"I just liked my buddy a lot. I writed 'Dear Everett, Can I come to Your House?' Love, Atticus." - Atticus

Marvelous Mighty K Parents

Gaetano, Jada's dad came in and made Jello. with us.

"We're making Jello with Nellie and Will and Dante and Baci and Uncle Guy. I give the Jello to my friends." - Jada

Leslie, Lucy's mom, shared her paper airplane expertise with us.

"Kids were just like coming up wanting to make a paper airplane and there was so many different kinds and we were doing it with white paper and coloring them except jack was the first person to decide to do the yellow and blue paper." - Lucy

Your wish is our command...

Children built a volcano in the sand and asked if we could make it erupt. So we did. :)

"Well we made a volcano out of sand and it exploded. We asked to make it explode and we got to." - Basel

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday April 15 at 03:09PM
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Treasures & Counting by 10s!

Welcome Back!

Mighty K returned from Spring Break with a BANG!

Before the break we visited Multi-Age and noticed their "Materials Library" of recycled items and the art work they made using those materials.

"I was looking at wood. I wrote some stuff I saw at Multi-Age."-Dante

We were so inspired that over the break we collected "treasures" that we could use to build our own materials library.

Then, Kindergarteners shared their two favorite or most unique treasures.

"I'm showing my drift wood."-Sadie

"I'm showing my ribbon, it came from my house."-Will

Then we laid all of the treasures out in the block area and started sorting them or making groups of things that are alike.

"We're sorting. I liked sorting the golden stuff."-Lucy

We are excited to see what we create with these treasures!

Counting by 10's

Mighty K mastered counting by 5s using our hand chart.

Some kids mentioned that they knew how to count by 10s!

We worked as a group to think of ways to make a chart to help us remember how to count by 10s.

Drake suggested that "we make something like the counting by 5s chart but different."

Sarah reminded kids that our hands are not the only things on our body that have 5 digits.

We figured we could use our feet to make a new chart, and we broke out the paint!

"She is painting my foot because we are going to count by 10's with our feet!"-Jack

Later that week we did some fun activities counting by 10's:

"I'm showing her a fast way to count to 100 by 10's"-Addie

"I was making bubble gum machines, you had to do 10 gum balls in each"-Abe

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday April 8 at 03:00PM
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Catapults and Cooking

Students were making catapults out of the outside blocks. We decided to incorporate their ideas into our measurement investigation.

As a group we spoke about catapults and watched two short videos about Roman catapults. Then, students had to make a catapult using the following materials: spoons, rubber bands, tooth picks, Q-tips, popsicle sticks and tape.

"We were inspired by Lucy's. Our brains didn't have ideas and we were running out of time so we made this." - Oliver

Once everyone had built their catapult, we shared how we built them with the group and then launched a pom pom.

"This one is a hand one, so when you let go it goes really far and when you let go of the rubber band did you know it goes really far?" - James

Day 2 – Challenge: Build a catapult that can shoot a pom-pom the furthest.

Students recalled what friends shared about how they built their catapults the day before. They then made a new catapult or made modifications to the one they built the previous day. Once everyone was finished, we went outside and launched the pom-poms. Then, we measured how far our pom-pom flew.

Day 3 – Challenge: Build a catapult that can shoot a pom-pom the highest.

Students recalled what friends shared about how they built their catapults the day before. They then made a new catapult or made modifications to the one they built the previous day. Today we added straws to the materials we had to work with.

Once everyone was finished, we went outside and launched the pom-poms. Then, we observed if our pom-pom could launch higher than the pergola.

“I liked launching and I noticed I didn’t go that far. Next time add more popsicle sticks. It will probably be more like a paper plane.” – Sasha

Day 4 - Challenge: Build a catapult that can shoot a pom-pom that can hit a target. For our final challenge, students had to make a plan and draw a blue print for the modifications they would make to their existing catapult so that they could launch an object into a target.

“It’s the user’s manual.” – Colton

“I tried to attach this to that and I pulled the string up and it would launch.” - Joseph

“That’s Drake and that’s me and then we were gonna hit it to there and I made two baby catapults so there’s a better chance of making it.” - Lucy

What did you notice?

“They all have good aim.” – Ely

“I noticed that some were super fast, some were super slow, some went over it.” - Drake

Ely's dad, Chris, came in to cook Mac-N-Cheese with us.

"It was yummy. It was cool. See we used water, dry mac-n-cheese, and then we put in some bread crumbs and then cheese. Then we did it in the stove and viola we had mac-n-cheese!" - Ely

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday March 11 at 03:04PM
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Celebrating 100 Days of Mighty K!!!

On the 100th Day of Kindergarten we partied and counted many things...

We made a special Mighty K snack mix that included raisins, marshmallows, blueberries, grapes, and several other yummy treats!

Each child had to count out 10 of each treat until they got to 100!

"I'm putting the yogurt covered raisins on the paper counting to 100, then I put them in a plastic bag to eat later." -Sadie

"I loved eating the Smarties the most!"-Georgia

We made structures using 100 cups!

We had to work together as a team.

"I was building a tower with 100 cups."-Colton

"Some people agreed it was a pyramid, some agreed it was a mountain. We couldn't decide!"-Drake

We counted 100 fruity cereal rings and made necklaces!

"I'm making a necklace out of fruit loops. The numbers would tell me like '40, 50, 60' and stuff."-Raphael

Jack's mom, Maryanne, helped us make 100 pancakes!

"I'm making 100 pancakes. My Mom told me when we got to 100."-Jack

"I ate 3 pancakes, and I had maple syrup!"-James

We thought of items that we would want to have 100 of:

Then we thought of 100 things we WOULD NOT want:

We painted 100 dots in 10 groups of 10:

"We made dots for the 100 day and painting."-Basel

"I'm dotting the squares to 10 until I get to 100."-Lucy

We had a blast!

In Science News...

We checked on the 2 marigolds.

One we kept in the sunlight and the other we kept in a dark cabinet.

We couldn't believe the results:

"The flower got bent because it was in the dark and flowers were supposed to be in the sun."-Addie

Next we planted bean seeds with a tomato plant.

We put it in a special box with cutouts to see if the plant will grow towards the sun.

"I was just picking out a bean and then I put it inside a plant."-Henry

"I think the plant will go through the cardboard and it will find its way"-Ely

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday March 4 at 04:02PM
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Wow! What a Week!

Kindergarten had a busy week, filled with fun and exciting activities!


In math we started measuring. We talked about standard units of measurement (ex. rulers and yard sticks) and then non-standard units of measurement (ex. cubes and hands). We made estimates and then measured various objects. Ask your child if he/she remembers the "math" word for guess.

"I like it. We measured our lunch boxes and books and erasers. Well some of us were absent the people who were at school did it." - Sasha


In science we continued our talk about what plants need to survive. We've been talking a lot about what plants need and we decided we wanted to see if they really do need what everyone says: light, water, soil, space, and air. Teachers bought 2 marigold plants. One will live on the windowsill where it gets sunlight and the other will live under the sink in the dark. We made hypothesis of what we think each plant will look like after 7 days. Ask your child what the "science" word for guess is.

"So, we had our hypothesis, so we putted one in the light with the other one in the dark so we drew things what was going to happen in the dark we thought that the dark is gonna die or something." -Ely

Writers' Workshop

We continued working on our "I Like" books. We noticed that a lot of the words we were writing ended in "ing", so we made The King of Ing to help us remember how to spell "ing". Check out the wall by the art area to see our Kings.

"I liked when we made the shirt and when we glued things together and I loved when we putted on the crown and we got to color on it." -Sadie

"First we made like 'ing' words, then the teachers were thinking about making a king, then we did the king. And the teachers are thinking about making a castle for the kings." - Joseph

Our Garden

We harvested our garden! We split into our gardening groups and harvested, washed, dried, and prepped the vegetables from our garden. We made a salad with the green and red lettuce, swiss chard, arugula and carrots. We made kale chips with the kale.

"We made some vegetable and we eat some vegetables and everyone picked them. It was carrots, and it was salad, and it was kale chips." - Jada

"My job was to rip and tear carrots and salad." -Raphael

"My job was snipping off the plants. I loved eating the carrots." - Henry

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday February 26 at 03:19PM
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What a Wonderful World...

Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere...

We have dived head first into studying patterns!

We made patterns with partners!

We made patterns with cubes and transcribed them on paper!

We even made patterns out of our Snack Fairy food!

Science meets Writers Workshop...

The Mighty K morphed into different animals or bugs that would live in our garden.

We talked about using our 5 senses to describe what the animals would experience in the garden.

We observed animals and bugs in the garden.

Then we wrote what our animal/bug tastes, touches, hears, smells & sees in our garden.

The 6th Grade Buddies helped!


Carole invited the Historical Jazz Society of Los Angeles to share a jazz experience with the school.

It was interactive, fun and we learned facts about Black History Month!

Field Hockey...

Posted by Kindergarten on Monday February 8 at 09:10AM
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Mighty K keeps learning & growing...


The members of Mighty K are officially authors and illustrators of their very own books!

We studied wordless picture books and made our very own non-fiction books about real events that happened in our lives!

We celebrated our success by sharing our books and drinking sparkling cider!

TAPTAN-New Math Game

We learned a new math game called TAPTAN!

It is very similar to tic-tac-toe but has a few different rules.

It will be a morning choice so feel free to play with us!


We had three guests that brought activities for us to do at explore time on Friday!

James & Will's Nana from England made "flap jacks" or granola bars as we call them in the USA.

Wendy and Sam, Henry's mother & brother, made "very red smoothies"!

Jeff, Oliver's dad, helped us build the Parthenon in the block area!

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday January 15 at 04:01PM
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Welcome Back!

We are excited for the second semester of Kindergarten!

In the Mighty K we have lots of feelings.

This week we introduced the "Feelings Chart" to help identify how we are feeling in the moment.

In the morning, the students put their picture on a feeling. Throughout the day they can move their picture

depending on their mood.


With so much rain this week, we had to play and learn indoors.

The teachers introduced the "Crayon Melter"!

We take old and broken crayons and melt them on a warmer.

Once the crayon is melted you put a piece of paper on top and it makes a design.


At choice time the teachers provided students with construction paper, glue sticks, and strips of colored paper.

They were allowed to use their imagination and come up with their own design.

What emerged were beautiful line collages!


We continue to explore letters and letter sounds in Mighty K.

This week we focused on what shapes we need to form different letters, using wooden blocks, chalk boards, and dry erase boards.

Cooking with Mighty K: Frozen fruit dessert

Marty brought in her Dessert Bullet which transforms frozen fruit into something like frozen yogurt but with out the dairy or added sugar!

It was awesome!


As we enter the new year, please be reminded that safety is a top priority at school. There have been reports of students climbing on stair railings and jumping down stair cases both inside and outside. If you witness these activities, please help us remind students that it is not safe and not allowed at school.


Posted by Kindergarten on Friday January 8 at 03:51PM
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December Celebrations!


We played a new game this week called "QUARTETTE".

The object of the game is to get all of your chips in a row but you CAN'T go diagnol or jump over your oponents chips.

It was tricky and we had to use different strategies.


The Winter Sing is next Friday, December 18, 2015.

We are singing a special song with our 6th Grade Buddies.

Here is a sneak peak:


This week we are studying the holiday tradition of Kwanzaa.

We learned about the different customs and traditions of the Holiday!

We weaved Kwanzaa mats called a MUHINDI.

Next we made a Unity Cup called a KIKOMBE out of clay.

We made a KINARA out of recycled materials.

Many friends noticed this held 7 candles sort of like a Hanukkah Menorah that holds 9 candles.

We also realized that you light one candle each night just like Hanukkah!

Kwanzaa is a harvest celebration.

Each family has a Kwanzaa table in their home where they display the mat, the unity cup and the candles.

An ear of corn represents each child in the family.

We made corn to represent each child in our Kinder Family.

We made cornbread, which is typically served at the KARAMU-the big feast on the last day of Kwanzaa.

In Kwanzaa its typical to give hand made gifts because creativity is one of the 7 principles.

All week we worked on different gifts to give to friends.

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday December 11, 2015
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