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Music Jams


September 15 - October 15 has been designated Hispanic Heritage Month in our United States.  In the Music Room we have not wasted any time.  We are singing, dancing and playing musical games from Spanish-speaking countries near and far.  The children are naturals at the language, particularly because it is being sung.  Ask your students to sing in Spanish to you, especially the beautiful Cuban folk song we are learning together as a community, "Guantanamera".  The video above is a video of the 4th grade class learning to play "Ambos a Dos" on the Orff instruments.

Posted by Carole Beren on Friday September 26 at 12:52PM
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Singing a New Song

How to put into mere words the immense joy, intense engagement and sheer fun we've all been having in our new music space?  Almost impossible.  The first two weeks of school have been spent exploring, creating, singing, playing instruments, dancing, working alone, in small groups, pairs and in unison.  I have pulled teachers, parents faculty, staff and students aside every day to share one of the millions of music stories that unfolded during the day.  Please stop by and visit any time.  Ask your student about:  our new Flipforms!! 

Posted by Carole Beren on Thursday September 11
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