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Reflections & Assemblies


One of the main themes this week has been to reflect on the past year. Students have been looking back at all of the work they have done, and the growth they have made.They are thinking about everything from reading to P.E. The students have been showing a sense of pride while looking through their old work.

We are getting ready for our assemblies! Students have created instruments in music, while working with the supplied brought in. They are working together to create a dynamic interpretation of dilemma’s and life in the rainforest. Please join us on May 8th and 15th for our presentations!

Don't forget that Parent Conferences are on May 21st and May 22nd. Please keep and eye out for sign ups!

Posted by Multiage on Saturday May 2 at 02:36PM
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Music In the Forest

Over the course of the week Carole has been working hard with the students as they created musical instruments with some

of the donated supplies. Today, the MA worked together to help a friend

make a little music.

Over the course of the next week, the students are going to continue exploring the materials, and creating different instruments.

Posted by Multiage on Sunday April 26 at 12:43PM
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Deep In The Rainforest

This week we took a closer look into how children in the rainforest live. We watched a short video with students talking about their daily lives. They discussed how some of them had to take a canoe in order to get to school, some played with monkeys, and about what some of their parents did for a living. In one village a road was being put in to connect it to the surrounding villages. This stemmed a discussion about the "dilemmas" people face. Some of the children in the rainforest were excited about the benefits of the road, while at the same time were worried about how it would affect the animals and trees in their area. Our students were then asked to think about a dilemma they noticed in the video, and to break it down into the positive and negative impacts. We are going to continue on this path to discover the differences and similarities of the way we live compared to those living in the rainforest.

To further the discussion, Carole has talked about different instruments that could be made by using natural materials found in the rainforest. The class had amazing ideas! We would like to be able to create and play these instruments, but we need your help gathering supplies. Here is a list of items needed. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


Supply List:

Cuica (pron: KWEE-KA)

-Empty tin cans (With the bottom out of ONE side only and with a very smooth edge): soup, coffee, various sizes

- String (not too thin)

- dishrag

- decorations for outside of can: paint, paper, etc.

- hammer, nail (To make a hole in the end of the can)



- different sizes of empty drum-shaped cardboard containers (e.g. crisco, ice cream, pancake mix, )

large balloons (not the skinny ones)

large rubber bands

tape (duct?) to secure balloons




- egg or other-shaped empty containers,

seeds, rice, sand, beans, beads, pebbles, cherry pits, other fruit pits


Seed pod shakers, - to be found around the city and dried

Peruvian Shaker (use nut shells on a stick)

some type of sticks to use to hold

empty nut shells (pistaschio, walnut etc.)


glue, tape


4. Pan Flutes

1. plastic straws

2. dried bamboo???

3. Tape, various

4. string or yarn to hang them around neck

5. Rainsticks

USING Various Things:

A: with paper towel rolls

1. paper towel rolls

2. tooth picks

3. beans, rice, sand, etc.

4. LARGE pieces of tape to secure each end

5. decorations

(Rainsticks, cont)

B. with Empty Plastic Bottles
1. empty plastic bottles with top, the taller and skinnier, the better

2. Sand

3. Tooth Picks,

4. Other sticks of various lengths: chop sticks, skewers, etc .

Posted by Multiage on Friday April 10 at 03:22PM
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Writing Inspiration

Buddy Books!

Our 5th grade buddies have been working hard to create children's books. They have worked all year with different phases of the project, including illustrations. These books were presented on Tuesday with an author share. The 5th grade invited their parents, along with the Multi-age to hear some of the books. The MA got cozy on the floor of Grant Hall with pillows and cushions, and listened to the tales being told. Because we were unable to hear all of the amazing stories, Thursday the buddies came into the Multi-Age to read with their buddies. The students were asked to share what had inspired them, and what their feelings were while going through the process of drafts, editing, illustrating, publishing, and reading to an audience. This left the students with a buzz about writing stories.

To further the inspiration we experimented with doing a peer share. It was noticed that sometimes we don't know what some of our friends are writing about. The MA took some time on Tuesday afternoon to share stories that had been edited or that were still a work in progress. They used each other for constructive feedback, and new ideas. They were proud to show each other their writing pieces.

Through the various exploration of writing there is a new wave of inspiration sweeping through the classroom! Over spring break take some time to do some writing with your children. Have a peer share and see what stories might emerge!


Grandfriend's Day is 3/20/15 - Activities will start at 9:00 and will end around 11:00 for break down and clean up.

Spring Break 3/23 - 4/5


Posted by Multiage on Tuesday March 24 at 08:15AM
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Point of View

Look Who's Talking...

For the past few weeks, the Multi-Age have been focusing on point of view in the stories we read. Who is actually talking in this book? Whose perspective is this book written from? We started with reading the book " Two Bad Ants ", and talked about how the the details in the story were described by someone/something that didn't know what the objects were. We continued with "The Pain & The Great One" which is written in 2 parts. The first part of the book is the sister describing the brother and how her parents love the brother more. The second part is written from the brother who is sure his parents love his sister more. Another book we looked at detailed the Big Bad Wolf's point of view vs The Three Little Pigs.

We used these books as examples of how stories can be written from anyone's perspective, and that the same thing could look different to perspective, and that the same thing could look different to different people. We then took to paper. The students had some great ideas. We saw incredible stories from the perspectives of popcorn, a baseball, and even the inside of a restaurant. So parents, when you are reading a story to your child, don't forget to ask "Who's talking?"

Questions to Ask:

1. What are you working on in Library?

2. What did you play in the big yard?

3. What did you do with your buddy?

Up Coming Dates: Grandfriend's Day - March 20th (Activities shut down at 11:00)

Spring Break - March 23rd-April 5th

Return to School - April 6th

Circus - April 24th


Anything left will be donated.

Posted by Multiage on Saturday March 14 at 09:21AM
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Cal Poly Pomona

Rainforest Experience

We had a magnificent time at the Cal Poly Pomona Rain Forest Experience today! It was wonderful hands on fun and we learned about fossil fuels, rain forest animals, plant adaptations, and ecosystems.

We were split up into 5 different groups, and were taken in different directions. One station talked about fossil fuels and how they are a limited resource. They showed the difference between incandescent light bulbs, and fluorescent bulbs, and how much power is needed to light them.

The next talked about several different leaves, and how they each have their own characteristics to help them survive their environments.

We then went up into a VERY warm and humid room, where they showed us how people can communicate in the rainforest with drums. They had several different instruments that had been made with materials found in the rainforest. It got very loud!

This was followed by a tour through their greenhouse that was filled with rainforest plants. We learned about several adaptations that help the plants survive in such wet weather.

The students were thrilled to see a variety of lizards and snakes that thrive in these regions. They asked a lot of questions, and got to pet them too!

Here are some of their thoughts about the trip:

"I liked learning new facts about the plants!" - Michio

" It showed us things from a long time ago." - Ruby Fern

" It was good seeing all that's there and the plants are very cool." - Natalie

Questions To Ask:

1. What is a Swiss Cheese Fern?

2. How did you light the lightbulbs?

3. Why are there long tips on some of the leaves?

4. What animals did you see?

Posted by Multiage on Sunday February 22 at 07:01PM
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Learning From Each Other

Learning From Each Other

This year the multi-agers have been studying the Rainforest. As part of their investigation they decided to split into three groups with each group researching one major layer of the Rainforest. After their initial investigations, the children decided on a medium to present what they felt was important to know about each layer. The children worked to become experts in their layer in order to share their knowledge with their classmates.

The Forest Floor

The Understory

The Children worked hard to create the atmosphere of the Understory: dark, damp and full of animal sounds and interesting plants like the Bromeliad and Blue Jeans Frog.

The Canopy and The Emergent Layer

How TALL are the trees in the rainforest?

The Post Office Opening was a Huge Success!!!

Thank you to all the friends and families who supported the multi-age on opening day.

We would like to extend a very special thank you to Adam Greenfield and the Greenfield family for giving us the gift of our stamps this year. We have already collected 40.00 towards a cause to be determined as the multi-age continues their rainforest work.

Dates To Remember

Feb 19 Field Trip to Cal Poly

Questions To Ask

What is your favorite layer of the Rainforest?

What did it feel like to sell your stamps?

Posted by Multiage on Friday February 13 at 04:39PM
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Buddy Time

Why is it important to have buddy time?

Buddy Time is important because you get to have a big kid taking care of you--Juno

Your buddy is someone who makes you happy--Juliet

I would be sad if I had to say goodbye to my buddy right after assembly. I have fun with my buddy.--Leonard

You get to be friends with your buddy--Axel

Buddy Times is fun--Rocco

I have fun spending time with my buddies--Khefri

What does buddy time mean to you?

You get to become a role model--Lucas

You get to meet people you wouldn't normally get to know-Cortez

Questions to Ask

What do you like most about spending time with your buddy? Why?

Dates to Remember

Parent Teacher Conferences Jan.29 and 30

No school February 16

Posted by Multiage on Friday January 23 at 04:41PM
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advice to future block teams

Advice To Future Block Teams by Asha, Cameron, Cecile and RubyFern

  • Hammer the blocks
  • Be creative
  • Work together
  • Never give up
  • Have fun
  • Build old, famous buildings
  • Make the best out of it
  • Make your friends feel welcome to the block team
  • It is hard to agree when planning but work together to agree on a building that everyone likes
  • Be prepared to enter a new world

Setting Goals

It's a new year and the children have been spending time reflecting on how they have grown as learners, collaborators, and friends.They are setting new goals for 2015 and making plans to meet those goals.

Questions To Ask

What is something you would like to get better at this year?

What advice would you add to the block team advice?

Dates To Remember

Parent Teacher Conferences - January 29 and 30

No School - January 19 MLK Day of Service

A Big Thank You

We just wanted to thank each and everyone of you for your generosity and support this holiday season. It is truly a gift to work here with you and your children. We wish you peace and happiness for 2015 and beyond.

Happy New Year!

Posted by Multiage on Saturday January 10 at 11:31AM
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Authors Abound

We Are All Authors

This week has been an exciting week for the children. The Oaks School Book Fair brings so much fun and excitement for the children. Watching the children explore, write their wish lists and gather around a shared read-aloud truly shows their love of reading and writing. An added bonus this week was the exciting experience of listening to author and illustrator John Rocco share his process of creating a picture book with the children. His focus on starting small with his initial brainstorms/ideas and slowly moving towards the larger final project was inspiring for the children as budding authors and illustrators themselves.

Touchstone Books

As part of Writer's Workshop we often draw on "touchstone books" to demonstrate "what writers do". This week we utilized John Rocco's books and discussed with the children what they noticed about his illustrations and how they worked to tell a story. Many of the multi-agers love to write in the form of the comic book and picture book genres. It will be great to see how the children bring in the lessons learned from John Rocco's presentation to their personal work.

Publishing Party

After working on a piece, the children can choose to publish their piece. Publishing their piece means taking it through an editing process that meets the needs of the individual author or authors. This is an on going process. After a period of working the children hold a publishing party complete with a "toast" to the writers with sparkling cider. This party we invited our buddies. It was a wonderful time sharing our writing with our buddies.

Questions To Ask

What did you like most about the Publishing Party?

Do you like to write by yourself or with a friend?

Tell about one of the stories you read at the publishing party. Why did you like it?

Dates To Remember

Winter Sing is Next Friday Dec. 19!!

Dec. 19 is also the last day of school in 2014 and is a half day. No oasis.

Posted by Multiage on Saturday December 13, 2014 at 09:10AM
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