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Fun Times in Mighty K!


This week the Kindergartners worked on making books about things they like to do.

Ideas ranged from video games, bunnies, and cooking with their parents!

"I'm working on my I like books. One page is about bunnies and another is about Buttercup."-Arabella


The Kindergartners are working on a song to sing for our upcoming Assembly on February 20th!

We can't wait for you to hear it!


Some friends, painted flowers for classroom decorations.

Maybe some of these flowers will grow in our garden!

"I'm making flowers out of paint. I made a daisy."-Neva


"We are giving Starburst a bath. She just walked a little bit. She didn't really get into the water."-Sophia


Paloma and her parents helped us cook this week.

"We are making waffles with Daddy. They are whole wheat waffles."

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday January 23 at 04:40PM
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Plants and Animals...Oh My!

Introducing Starburst

Kindergarten has a new member! The newest addition to the kindergarten family is female bearded dragon. A huge thank you to Chloe and Liz for making this possible.

We had many great name suggestions and ultimately the children chose the name Starburst. In further
discussion the children mentioned that most people have a first, middle and last name, so her full name is
Starburst Spike Bunbunbe.

"My mommy picked her out. She was the biggest and she was cute. I don't know anything else." - Chloe

"So, well we got to pet her and then we got to like well she would come back to us and like scream." - Neva

"We voted for her name and it is Starburst." - Julien

How Do Seeds Travel?

We read that seeds travel by flying, floating, and sticking to animals. We decided to test this new knowledge out...

"I was holding the tiger because he's so funny. We are sticking seeds to the tiger because seeds get stuck to

you." -Frederica

"We're dropping the seeds 'cause we're testing if they're floating or sinking." - Avery

"I'm holding the seed and making it wind. It didn't fly, it flew a little bit." - True

"Seeds travel by wind because the wind can blow them somewhere. The wind can blow them into a hole,

and then blow some dirt over it and then some water will come." - Clyde

Parts of a Plant

We investigated the different parts of a plant. Did you know that you can eat
different parts of plants? Science can be delicious!

"We were counting the fruit by eating it on the end and second graders came."
- Eddie

"It's parts of a flower, but we eat them." - Sofia

"I'm making my flower and I was gluing them on and I had to use lots of glue
because it was falling off and then I finally got it. Flowers have petals, and a stem, and some roots and a leaf." - Kate

Cooking with K

The letter of the week this week was V. Jenny and Tom, Ollie's parents, made
vanilla cake dip with us. Yummy!

"He's (Ollie) cool, he's nice. He loves peanuts. He loves to suck on peanut shells. It (cooking with his parents) was very fun." - Ollie

"I loved it. It was so good." - Paloma


We started hockey this week in P.E.

"Hockey. We're hitting the pucks." - Christian

"We were playing keep away. We wear helmets. The helmets were black and
white." - Obi

"I'm in the PE. I'm playing hockey!" - Alfie

"We were playing hockey. Whoever gets the puck
first, like you do this kind of
face off thing, whoever gets it, you have to keep the partner from getting the
Then once the partner gets it, you try to get it back." - Hudson

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday January 16 at 03:51PM
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Happy New Year....

We're back from break and we hit the ground running...movin' and groovin' in 2015!

"That's my new journal and I really liked it." -Princeton

"I'm making a ladybug in my journal, it's sitting on a leaf." -Ollie

New year means....new journals!

2014 was very busy and many of our journals were
filled to the brim with ideas and creativity....Thus, a new year
required a new place for all of our wonders.

Problem of the day

Here's a challenge for you... If Tom the turtle's twin came to visit, how many legs would there be all together?

How can you figure it out? And further, show how
you figured it out.

"I was writing what's the answer to Tom the turtle's sister coming to
our class." -Ruby

"We were wondering about math work." -True

Specialist Classes...

We were busy in the class as well as in specialist classes.
This week in PE we played Keepers of the Castle, in library we
had to figure out how many letters are in our names, in drama
we're engaged in Courduroy, in art we decorated our school
portraits (check them out on the way to the office, sometime
soon) and in music we learned the chicken dance!

"I was putting all my friends names on that calendar and my mom was helping me."

"I'm walking on a balance and I'm being like a circus person being on a balance beam."

"Oh, thats me at PE, I think we were playing four corner capture
that day." -Obi

"Right there I was spinning in a circle in music class because we
were learning a dance and like singing a song. It was really

Letter of the week...

Our letter of the week this week was the letter U... and Chloe's mom came
in for her second round of cooking with us and made umbrella
smoothies... we were big fans!

"I made berry smoothies with my mom named Liz." -Chloe

"Im drinking a smoothie!" -William
Posted by Kindergarten on Monday January 12 at 08:37AM
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Seasons Greetings!

Enjoy your Winter Break. We appreciate all of your support this semester and your generous gifts!


Vanessa, Sarah, & Kamilah

Posted by Kindergarten on Monday January 12 at 08:36AM
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Our Holiday Celebrations Continue...

Family Books

We started our family books this week. Families brought in pictures and the kinders assembled books that will live in kindergarten. We
can share them with our friends to learn about each other's families and we can use them when we're missing our grown-ups. A special thank you to all of the grown-ups who helped with this project!

"I'm making my family book. I glued my pictures on a piece of paper. We write what the picture is." - Ruby

"I'm working on my family book by drawing. I liked it because we get tp glue it on. When I showed Vanessa, the PE teacher, my baby
picture she said it was so cute." -Arabella

Pollination Study

We investigated how bees pollinate flowers. Kinders became bees and passed pollen from one flower to

"Pollination is good because it makes new flowers." - Obi

"Pollination makes more honey." - Hudson

"The more flowers, the more pollen." - Alfie

"It makes more honey. The more bees that pollinate make more honey." - Clyde

"They (bees) get into the middle of the flowers and dig into the inside and suck it up." - Kate

"How bees make honey is they swish it around in their mouth." - Julien

Author Visit

Author and illustrator John Rocco came to visit the Oaks. We've been
reading some of the books he wrote and/or illustrated. Some of our
favorites were BLIZZARD (which is a true story), BLACK

"He taught us about making books. You
have to work and you have to do it over
and over and over again."
- True
"He taught us a lot about making books and
we were listening and we really learned about
making books."
- Paloma

We studied the holiday Kwanzaa. During the seven days of Kwanzaa (which begins on 12/26) we celebrate
the importance of family, friends, and community.

"This is me making bracelets for Kwanzaa. We're going to give them to our friends." - Mae

"Making a kinara. It's a little thing that you hold candles in." - Sofia

"We're making mats for the feast at this school. For Kwanzaa. Because Kwanzaa has red and green and
that's some colors of a kinara." - Kate

"Cooking cornbread with Frederica and Arabella's mommy for Kwanzaa." - Ruby


A special bus came equipped with individual woodworking
stations. Children had the choice of making a boat, plane or cat.

"Well we made stuff like cats and boats. We used drills, like with saws, and pencils." - Jack

"I'm showing my kitty. I got wood and I nailed it and I sawed it." - Billie

"We were drilling wood. We were making holes and hammering nails in my boat." - Christian

"I was building my plane. I was wearing glasses so the dust don't come in my eyes." - Alfie

Posted by Kindergarten on Saturday December 13, 2014 at 09:07AM
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It's the holiday season...

Clay collaborative

Children worked together to add ideas to existing clay designs. In a group discussion the children shared their
interpretation of the existing set up. They followed by each adding their individual ideas to a larger group
idea to create a whole new clay scene.
" I was making clay, we were a santa sleigh. It was Chloe, me, Jack and Julien and Blumes. We all did it
together. I think it was a good idea." -Avery

"I was making clay and playing with it. I was building with your friends. From Chloe and all my friends."

"We also made a bunny robot and people added a Santa to it." -Jack
The rain didn't stop us...

This week we were lucky enough to have a special guest visitor, Neva's grandma. She
came into kindergarten to lead us through building our very own worm box for our

"We were making a worm box with Neva's grandma. I put dirt in it. I think half of the class made it." -Sofia

Math and letter of the week...

This week we learned a new game, called animal rumy. We could only have seven cards at a time and we
worked to find sets of 3.

"We were, well one person would go and you
pick a card and try to get a match of three and every time you pick one card you have to pick what card
you are going to have to put back. But you have to try to get all the matches." -Neva

Also, our letter of the week was the letter K, it can be a tricky letter because it makes same sound as the letter C. Some of the words that we know start with K...kindergarten, kitty, kite, kids...

"That was the letter K, and I know that because my name actually starts with a K."


We spent some time studying Hanukkah this week. And we commenced the week with a very special visitor, Hudson's grandma and her friend. We were fortunate enough to have them come into our classroom and tell us the story of Hannukah, dance the horah, and play dreidel. To top it all off, we were treated with latkes and applesauce, YUM!

"We had latkes and applesauce. I had one but I actually ate two then I got full. I did like them a lot. It was my
first day to eat them, but they were good." -Princeton

"We played dreidel, and it was fun. Oh, and we get gelt. They are chocolate coins, they are chocolate shaped
like coins and have designs like coins but they have golden wrappings on them, so, you can eat them."

"They taste like hashbrowns that my mom gives me." -Avery

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday December 5, 2014 at 04:12PM
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Math Games &Our Family Study Continues...

This week in The Mighty K we learned new math games that give us practice problem solving and working in teams!

"I was playing Pick Up sticks with my friends. First you drop the whole pile of sticks and try to move one without moving the others"-Sofia

Clay, Compost, & Soil Exploration:

In small groups we explored why compost and soil are important to plants and our future garden.

"Compost, worms, paper and apples goes into the compost can. Peaches and grass too."-Arabella

"I'm digging and looking in the soil. I found roots, and an interesting piece of wood and spider webs." - Paloma

We also were introduced to playing with clay.

"We were making it into a camel"-Billie


We drew pictures of our feelings for our families coming from our hearts.

We also drew the people in our family.

"I was working on making my family"-Julien

Letter of the week was "H".

William's parents made hot chocolate with us!

"We were drinking hot chocolate because it was 'H' day!"-William

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday November 21, 2014 at 03:15PM
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Another Exciting Week in K

Family Study

We began our study of family. We documented a special family memory using sharpies and water colors.
Then we filled our houses with who lives in them using square papers to represent different family members. It was really interesting to find out all the different families that make up the Mighty K.

"My house: my sister, my brother, my mom, my dad and me." - Clyde

"I'm painting a picture of memory of my whole family. It was about when I got my first pet because I wasn't
alive when they got Boo and Theo, so I was painting my new pet. I was a baby when we got this and he was a bunny and his name was Lou." - Mae

"I'm making families. My family is looking outside at the beautiful sun." - Frederica

Seed Exploration

Our beans really started to grow! We had to transplant them so they can continue to grow. We are excited to see what they grow into!

"Mine didn't grow that much, it's like the size of a pebble maybe. It has roots." - William

"They're roots because if they don't have roots they won't be something to eat." - Billie

"I am planting a seed. It came from a wet paper towel and it is a red seed. I think it's going to grow into a
beautiful red flower." - Kate

Letter of the Week: M

The letter of the week was M. Mae's mommy, Kathryn, came in to make marshmallow Rice Krispy treats with M&Ms. They were delicious!

"Making Rice Krispies, which I'm eating right now. They're delicious." - Ruby

"I'm writing an M because it's letter of the week." - Julien

"At the button table, we were making button letters. An M because that's the letter of the week." - Eddie

"We made letters with the buttons because it was letter of the week and you could do patterns, you could do anything you want." - Neva

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday November 14, 2014
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Seeds and the Night in Mighty K

Time change, longer nights, and slightly cooler days...

This week the Mighty K learned a bit about seasons, shadows during sunlight, the orbit of the earth and time change... and their contribution to our shorter days and longer

Building with our new light table and magna-tiles. . .
What does your day look like now that the nights are longer?
Our shadows and shadow puppets. . .

"I'm making a puppet show." Paloma

"I was drawing a night time picture because now there is more night." Arabella

"I was building a cozy house on the light table." Lila

One bean stage one.... Will it sprout? Is it a plant?
What are your observations?

"I was drawing beans and I was looking at beans, beans, beans." William

"We were drawing the seeds and then put them in wet paper towels. And we put that in a bag so we can watch them grow." Julien

Our letter of the week was N...nnnnnnnn.....

What words start with N?
What is the motion for the letter N?

"I'm making N's, I think those are
N's. I really like making those N's." Ruby
Posted by Kindergarten on Friday November 7, 2014
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Halloween Week in Mighty K

The Mighty K had a fun filled week...

Kate's dad, Jeff, came to talk to the class about perspective and to help us write books for Writers Workshop.

"When he read the book he said we could think anyway we wanted. It was either a duck or a rabbit!"-Neva

Pumpkin Carving

Avery's father, Lloyd, carved pumpkins and the children painted pumpkins.

"Avery's dad carved a pumpkin with Jack Skelton and a minion. I carved a pumpkin at home with my dad."-Princeton

Explore Time

During explore time this week, we made Halloween decorations, used lacing boards, weaved fabric through looms and did some sewing!

"We were weaving with fabric."-Paloma

The letter of the week was "R". Avery and her mom made Halloween Rice Krispie Treats!

Thanks to all of the grown ups who helped make Halloween in the Mighty K so much fun!

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday October 31, 2014 at 03:09PM
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