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Math Games &Our Family Study Continues...

This week in The Mighty K we learned new math games that give us practice problem solving and working in teams!

"I was playing Pick Up sticks with my friends. First you drop the whole pile of sticks and try to move one without moving the others"-Sofia

Clay, Compost, & Soil Exploration:

In small groups we explored why compost and soil are important to plants and our future garden.

"Compost, worms, paper and apples goes into the compost can. Peaches and grass too."-Arabella

"I'm digging and looking in the soil. I found roots, and an interesting piece of wood and spider webs." - Paloma

We also were introduced to playing with clay.

"We were making it into a camel"-Billie


We drew pictures of our feelings for our families coming from our hearts.

We also drew the people in our family.

"I was working on making my family"-Julien

Letter of the week was "H".

William's parents made hot chocolate with us!

"We were drinking hot chocolate because it was 'H' day!"-William

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday November 21 at 03:15PM
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Another Exciting Week in K

Family Study

We began our study of family. We documented a special family memory using sharpies and water colors.
Then we filled our houses with who lives in them using square papers to represent different family members. It was really interesting to find out all the different families that make up the Mighty K.

"My house: my sister, my brother, my mom, my dad and me." - Clyde

"I'm painting a picture of memory of my whole family. It was about when I got my first pet because I wasn't
alive when they got Boo and Theo, so I was painting my new pet. I was a baby when we got this and he was a bunny and his name was Lou." - Mae

"I'm making families. My family is looking outside at the beautiful sun." - Frederica

Seed Exploration

Our beans really started to grow! We had to transplant them so they can continue to grow. We are excited to see what they grow into!

"Mine didn't grow that much, it's like the size of a pebble maybe. It has roots." - William

"They're roots because if they don't have roots they won't be something to eat." - Billie

"I am planting a seed. It came from a wet paper towel and it is a red seed. I think it's going to grow into a
beautiful red flower." - Kate

Letter of the Week: M

The letter of the week was M. Mae's mommy, Kathryn, came in to make marshmallow Rice Krispy treats with M&Ms. They were delicious!

"Making Rice Krispies, which I'm eating right now. They're delicious." - Ruby

"I'm writing an M because it's letter of the week." - Julien

"At the button table, we were making button letters. An M because that's the letter of the week." - Eddie

"We made letters with the buttons because it was letter of the week and you could do patterns, you could do anything you want." - Neva

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday November 14
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Seeds and the Night in Mighty K

Time change, longer nights, and slightly cooler days...

This week the Mighty K learned a bit about seasons, shadows during sunlight, the orbit of the earth and time change... and their contribution to our shorter days and longer

Building with our new light table and magna-tiles. . .
What does your day look like now that the nights are longer?
Our shadows and shadow puppets. . .

"I'm making a puppet show." Paloma

"I was drawing a night time picture because now there is more night." Arabella

"I was building a cozy house on the light table." Lila

One bean stage one.... Will it sprout? Is it a plant?
What are your observations?

"I was drawing beans and I was looking at beans, beans, beans." William

"We were drawing the seeds and then put them in wet paper towels. And we put that in a bag so we can watch them grow." Julien

Our letter of the week was N...nnnnnnnn.....

What words start with N?
What is the motion for the letter N?

"I'm making N's, I think those are
N's. I really like making those N's." Ruby
Posted by Kindergarten on Friday November 7
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Halloween Week in Mighty K

The Mighty K had a fun filled week...

Kate's dad, Jeff, came to talk to the class about perspective and to help us write books for Writers Workshop.

"When he read the book he said we could think anyway we wanted. It was either a duck or a rabbit!"-Neva

Pumpkin Carving

Avery's father, Lloyd, carved pumpkins and the children painted pumpkins.

"Avery's dad carved a pumpkin with Jack Skelton and a minion. I carved a pumpkin at home with my dad."-Princeton

Explore Time

During explore time this week, we made Halloween decorations, used lacing boards, weaved fabric through looms and did some sewing!

"We were weaving with fabric."-Paloma

The letter of the week was "R". Avery and her mom made Halloween Rice Krispie Treats!

Thanks to all of the grown ups who helped make Halloween in the Mighty K so much fun!

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday October 31 at 03:09PM
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Week of 10.20.14

Even with only 3 days of school, the Mighty K were busy...


Kindergarteners continued their study of patterns.  Wow, there are so many fun ways to create patterns.

"Patterns.  I'm doing patterns by using colored paper." - Ruby 

"We're making patterns with paper, gluing them on to paper.  It was fun." - Sofia  

"You have to see who gets to the treasure box first.  We never got to the treasure box." - Ollie

"Playing.  We have to spin the spinner and then we have to get the bead and then we have to place it, place it,
place it and then that's it." - Chloe

Buddy Lunch

On Wednesday, the buddies came down and ate lunch and played
with us.

"Me and Kanayo eating lunch.  That's my stuffed animal: Jumpy.  You know       why?  Because he always jumps on people's heads." -Obi

"So Linden and me were eating lunch together and we were asking lots of  
questions and I was talking in my food and I didn't mean to so I covered my   mouth." -Kate

"I was eating with my buddy, Scarlett, and I had so much fun and I loved when we met because I just thought that would be my buddy and I got  scared 
because I only wanted it to be my buddy.  

It was only my buddy because no one else wanted her they wanted a different
buddy." - Mae

"Well...it was really fun eating with our buddies and sitting down and  talking."
- Neva

The Rights of Everyone Everywhere

After many thoughtful discussions, kindergarteners came up with and
agreed upon the rights they should have in kindergarten. But, in trying
to come up with a title, the conversation evolved and we agreed the
rights shouldn’t only apply to kindergarten, but to everyone, everywhere.

"We should tell everyone like the parents how we did the stuff we did: every right.
The classmates did it and all that stuff.  We told the rights that everyone did."
- Christian

"We were really thinking and we thinked as hard as we could and then we came
up with it because we were thinking so hard." - Paloma

"I'm drawing my name on a big sheet of paper that's the whole school rights."
- Julien

Letter of the Week: B

This week's letter was B.  Billie and Eddie's mom, Bea, came in and made banana muffins with us.

"I cracked eggs." - Clyde

"We baked banana bread muffins 'cause it's B day." - Eddie

"We're baking banana muffins 'cause it's the letter B.  Momma was baking with us.  It was fun." - Billie

Explore Time

Julien's family donated a box of snap circuits to the Mighty K.  Students had a great time sharing
their knowledge and seeing what they could make when they combined ideas.

"I'm building a circuit.  What I was trying to do was make the music color make music." -True

"I was just making a squiggly thing." - William

"I was trying to make the thing music with Julien because I wanted to make the music." -Princeton

"We're putting snap circuits.  You snap things together and you can make things light up and make music."  -Julien

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday October 24
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October excitement

The week before the campout kept us busy here in the cottage, check out some of the highlights from our exciting week...


Monday, kindergarteners were introduced to their own form of morning sign-in.
Now, along with their adults signing in,
students have the big responsibility of
signing in as well.  

"I'm signing up so people can know I am
here. I'm here at school." -Christian

"I'm looking for my name because I'm
 signing in for the new sign in for kids."


The annual Oaks campout has given life to a whole new level of excitement in the cottage.  
Many mighty kindergarteners have never been to an Oaks campout, so we enlisted the help of some sixth
grade buddies to give us the run down. Using that information, we collaborated to draw a night time
prediction of the campout and build mock camp sites. 

"That's my buddy in the picture. They were telling us about all of the campout stuff that will be fun and I'm
excited for the scavenger hunt." -William

"On the campout drawing I drewed that white tent with a heart on it. And I drawed a little fairy house. And I
drewed a rain cloud with rain drops." -Billie

"I am making me and my buddy at the campout."- Sofia 

"The buddies told us everything about the campout."-Alfie

"I'm making a party inside the campout tent!" -Ollie


There has been a recent surge in "bad guy" games in the cottage. But, since there are no bad guys in this class and because we strive to play games that keep our bodies and feelings safe, students decided to build their
own "bad guy" robot. It was a fun and creative collaboration that resulted in "bad guy" who hung out in the
big energy game zone. 

"Well, I had an idea that we could have robot arms that worked that were totally like errrr errrr errrr errr. So,
 we made him." -Blumes

"It took really long. I drew the face, I drew a line for the mouth and two circles for the eyes. And it took a long time to get the legs on."- Paloma

"He had to be made with boxes. He got over there to the energy area before he was broken."-True


Also, in preparation for an activity at the campout, students were introduced to an activity that many Oaks
students are familiar with. Antonio, one of our art teachers, made his way down to the cottage this week to
teach the Mighty K how to make their very own god's eyes. 

"Well, we like kinda of like made an X and we keep making that X over and over again. Then you're done and
its a really beautiful god's eye. You can make all different kinds and it's a lot of fun." -Neva

"Oh, me and Paloma were seeing if ours looked the same or kind of the same." -Kate

Now that is finally cooling down, we can finally start to think about our winter garden. This week we explored the seed. Students were scientists and made observations about all different kinds of seeds before each
type of seed was revealed. 

"We looked at the seeds to see which ones they were. Before we really knew." -Jack

"I hope we plan strawberries, raspberries, cucumbers, potatoes, and lettuce!"-Mae

"I noticed a lot of the seeds are all different. It's because they grow different things."-Julien

"I cant wait till we make a garden!" -Princeton

Letter of the Week: P!

This week, Hudson's nanny, Karla, joined us in the cottage to make delicious pancakes! We topped them with maple syrup and bananas...YUM!

Some of the P words Kindergarten thought of:
and even poop! 

"Well, we even put bananas on the pancakes. But you could eat them plain too."-Hudson

"Because the letter of the week was P, my mom made my whole lunch with P's. Like,  peas, pretzels, and 

"I loved the pancakes because I ate them. I didn't even want my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And I 
didn't ever tell my dad I wanted that sandwich in my lunch he just thought I did."-Arabella

Posted by Kindergarten on Thursday October 16 at 02:46PM
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Kindergarten Adventures


have been
very busy
creating and
their very
own stories!

"I was working on my book


Obi's mother, Sara, came in and worked with us during our Mindful Time. 

She taught us about taking time to keep our bodies still and introduced her singing bowl.


During Morning Circle, students have been noticing patterns with our calendar and our number chart for counting the days we are in school.  This week we started working with patterns using unifix cubes.

"We were using the blocks to make patterns and a long line of blocks."-Princeton

Some students even made a cube train that stretched the entire length of the class number line from 1-100!


Ollie's Grandfather is visiting from Chicago and stopped by the Kindergarten classroom to perform a few magic tricks with Ollie as his assistant!

"I was doing magic tricks with my Grandpa!" Ollie


Kindergarten had another visitor this week, Mae's bunny, Lou!

The students had fun feeding and petting Lou.

Sadly, our Savanna Monitor, Skittles passed away over the weekend.

The children wrote letters, said nice things about him, and then we buried Skittles on Hummingbird Hill.

Skittles will truly be missed.

"Skittles died and I made him a note with the letter "S" for his name and we buried him with it."-William

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday October 10 at 02:33PM
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Fingerprints, Eyes, & Drop Biscuits-Oh My!

This week in Mighty K we continued our self concept study. We completed an "Eye Lab" and learned about our pupils and how light can make them smaller. We worked with partners to shine a flashlight, while we watched our pupil get smaller in the mirror.

"I was looking at my pupil with Vanessa. It got bigger!"-True

Next, the students drew their eye including their pupil.

" I was making it, so it looked like my eye. I noticed red tentacle things so I drawed the red." Obi
We incorporated math skills into self concept by having students pair up with a partner and measure their feet, using unifix cubes.  Next, we measured the length of our entire bodies with unifix cubes.
Fingerprint Study
Using ink pads and magnify glasses, we studied our unique fingerprints.  We learned even if you are a twin
you will not have the same fingerprint. We discussed the three main types of fingerprints: whirl, arch and
loop. We then made a graph of our class fingerprints based on our types of prints. Most of the children in our class have arch fingerprints.
"I was looking at my finger for the fingerprint to see which one I had." Hudson
Letter of The Week: D
This week we studied the letter D
and Alfie's mom came to make
"drop biscuits". YUM!
"We were taking out the dough for the drop biscuits for the letter D." Blumes

Posted by Kindergarten on Saturday October 4 at 08:04AM
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Another busy week in kindergarten.  Check out some of the thought provoking things we tackled....

Feelings were a big topic of discussion this week. We talked about what kinds of feelings we have in kindergarten and ways to express those feelings. We read "Ahn's Anger" and made collages of what our anger looks like.

"I was just drawing my anger." -Billie
"We drawed our anger.  Mine was colored in purple and purple indigo.  Yesterday I was angry 'cause I had a costume and I had a broom
and I didn't get to decorate it." -Lila

We were amazed at the structure we could make when we shared our ideas...

"I added the bricks on, some people added the cars on, and kinda over there a little bit that way there was the little Kapla blocks that we pretended were money and we tried to use all of them to put them in the back."

"A cargo ship.  It's a palace that can turn into a ship and a cargo ship and a palace and a hotel.  We were
thinking of like putting a bridge, so we put a bridge and we rewinded it so we put cars on it too." - Blumes
The tutors came down and took dictation in our journals.  It was fun to work with a 6th grader who wasn't our buddy.

"Eating popcorn and journaling.  She's helping me with a story." - Ruby

William found some bones on a hike.  Kindergarteners turned into scientists and tried to figure out what the
bones came from.  Below is a glimpse into their thoughts....

"A spine, it's probably a spine of a lion mountain or a saber tooth cat."
"I think it could be a little dinosaur."
"Definitely not dinosaurs because they didn't live here."
"Actually it could be flying dinosaur fossils."
"Maybe a fox?"
"If they had flesh they didn't die too long ago.  But no one can know for sure."
"Maybe it's a dog or a dog that looks like a dinosaur."
"How in the world can we figure this out?"
We've been really interested in putting together puzzles.  True took pictures of Skittles and Tom and made
puzzles for the class with his dad.  We're having a lot of fun figuring them out!

"They're doing the puzzle.  I made them.  You get cardboard, then you get a picture, then you glue them both together." - True

Our letter of the week was 'E' so we made edamame pizzas with Chloe's mom Elizabeth.  Since we've been
studying feelings, we made all sorts of different faces on our pizzas.

"We're making pizzas with my mom.  We made faces pizzas because my mommy the idea of face pizzas."

"She made it out of olives, and then she did beans, and then she did pepperoni, cheese, and the sauce, done.  They taste good, some one ate them. I had mine." -Christian

"You know what I like about the pizzas? They're kinda cute." - Obi

"The pizzas is smelling really yummy, I've been smelling it all day and it is right there." -Clyde

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday September 26 at 04:41PM
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The heat didn't stop us

This week was a big week in Kindergarten. On Monday we invited the sixth graders over for lunch to beat the heat in our air conditioned classroom. Then, on Tuesday, the sixth graders made their way back to the
cottage for the official buddy selections.

After eating snack and playing with us a bit, they walked us to PE.

"We're building the lake with the buddies. My buddy is Roman! I like him because he is so
 nice." -Christian

"It was good playing on the monkey bars with Cate, she's my buddy." -Lila

This week we also had another special visitor. Millie Mozzarella, Dana's puppet,
who has been a long time friend of kindergarten came down to introduce herself  
to the new class. She was  rather shy but the kids did a wonderful job of
welcoming her into their class. 

"Oh that was Millie. She's sooo cute. She's really so cute." -Billie
Marilyn and Antonio worked with kids this week to create      
landscape tank art for Tom and Skittles. 
"Um, what I was thinking was drawing the trees and since they
were dark in one of the pictures I used black."

"I made our lizard; I made Skittles. And I drew a laydbug for him to
see." -Princeton
Kindergarteners began self studies this week. We started with two labs: a hair lab and a skin lab, 

"I was gluing it on. I used brown because my hair is really brown."-Alfie

"We were mixing the paint. That's what we were doing. I was making skin color of me. The little bit I made
was more like skin than the big one I painted." -Eddie

Our very first letter of the week was the letter F. Ruby's mom, Erica,
 came in to cook with us and made Fruit Pizza with the kids, YUM! 

"I was cooking fruit pizza. It wasn't really pizza, it was a giiiiaaant
cookie with cream cheese and fruit. We decorated it all with the
fruit." -Mae

"I am smoothing the frosting all on the cookie with Mommy and
Mae. And Lila, Obie, Jack, Princeton. I loved cooking with
my mommy." -Ruby

Friday's explore hour choices were so much fun this week! From creation station to cooperative games, water
color art and water table exploration, we were really groovin' in the cottage! 

"I made a jet pack and made goggles and I put the goggles inside my jetpack." -True

"We used the red water to make the ocean and then we used the water to make pies." -Blumes

"I was making art with the water drops and and water color."-Sofia

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday September 19 at 04:42PM
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