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The heat didn't stop us

This week was a big week in Kindergarten. On Monday we invited the sixth graders over for lunch to beat the heat in our air conditioned classroom. Then, on Tuesday, the sixth graders made their way back to the
cottage for the official buddy selections.

After eating snack and playing with us a bit, they walked us to PE.

"We're building the lake with the buddies. My buddy is Roman! I like him because he is so
 nice." -Christian

"It was good playing on the monkey bars with Cate, she's my buddy." -Lila

This week we also had another special visitor. Millie Mozzarella, Dana's puppet,
who has been a long time friend of kindergarten came down to introduce herself  
to the new class. She was  rather shy but the kids did a wonderful job of
welcoming her into their class. 

"Oh that was Millie. She's sooo cute. She's really so cute." -Billie
Marilyn and Antonio worked with kids this week to create      
landscape tank art for Tom and Skittles. 
"Um, what I was thinking was drawing the trees and since they
were dark in one of the pictures I used black."

"I made our lizard; I made Skittles. And I drew a laydbug for him to
see." -Princeton
Kindergarteners began self studies this week. We started with two labs: a hair lab and a skin lab, 

"I was gluing it on. I used brown because my hair is really brown."-Alfie

"We were mixing the paint. That's what we were doing. I was making skin color of me. The little bit I made
was more like skin than the big one I painted." -Eddie

Our very first letter of the week was the letter F. Ruby's mom, Erica,
 came in to cook with us and made Fruit Pizza with the kids, YUM! 

"I was cooking fruit pizza. It wasn't really pizza, it was a giiiiaaant
cookie with cream cheese and fruit. We decorated it all with the
fruit." -Mae

"I am smoothing the frosting all on the cookie with Mommy and
Mae. And Lila, Obie, Jack, Princeton. I loved cooking with
my mommy." -Ruby

Friday's explore hour choices were so much fun this week! From creation station to cooperative games, water
color art and water table exploration, we were really groovin' in the cottage! 

"I made a jet pack and made goggles and I put the goggles inside my jetpack." -True

"We used the red water to make the ocean and then we used the water to make pies." -Blumes

"I was making art with the water drops and and water color."-Sofia

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday September 19 at 04:42PM
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September 12, 2014

This week was our first complete week in kindergarten! We spent a lot of time exploring our materials
and getting used to our daily schedule. Check out some of the fun, new things we did this week.

"Making our names with beans and with macaroni and cheese." - Obi

We explored our math manipulatives...

"Doing pegs. The pegs are something you put inside the white
dots and you can make a pattern or picture or anything." - Kate

The 6th graders came down and introduced themselves to us. 
We are very excited to choose our buddies next week.

"The one next to the girl (Scarlett) I think will be my buddy 'cause I like her." - Mae
"I'm playing water. I'm making a waterfall." - Princeton
"I'm drawing in my journal. It's something you write and draw, but most journals have little lines that you write inside of." - Clyde
"Us doing the painting in his class. I think it was good." - Julien
"We're drawing the sign-in sheet" - Paloma
"I'm making a pizza, cake and then some pie." - Christian

Posted by Kindergarten on Tuesday September 16 at 10:36AM
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Welcome to Mighty K!

This week the members of The Mighty K met their teachers, new friends, and got acquainted with the classroom!

Playtime with our class Savannah Monitor "Skittles".

Kindergartners explore Music with Carole.

Kindergartners work on decorating name tags for their cubbies.