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Kindergarten Blog

End of the Year Transitions...


As we enjoy our last days in Mighty K, we took some time to get to know the Multi-Age space, the teachers and the First Years that we will be in class with this Fall.

"We were doing watercolors with the multi-agers. I liked their class."-Sofia

"I'm playing the game 'Sorry'. We went there to visit to see if we liked it."-Princeton

Playing our Cigar Box Guitars

The Finkle's family friend Shane, is known as the best cigar box guitar player in the world! We face timed with him on Tuesday and he gave us a guitar lesson all the way from Philadelphia!

"We're watching Shane, teach us how to play our guitars."-Clyde

Parents volunteer in Kindergarten!

A few very talented parents helped us this Friday for Explore time.

Kate's mom Dr. Phelps, the dentist, taught us how to properly take care of our teeth.

"She taught us how to brush teeth. She gave us a tooth brush to take home."-William

Mae's Mom, Kathryn, did still life drawings,

"I drew a picture of a butterfly. My mom said 'use a pencil for the outline'"-Mae

Neva's Mom, Connie, made cartoon flip books.

"We're making flip books with my mom. You kind of want to keep your paper stiff."-Neva

Ollie's Mom, Jenny, made bird puppets.

"I'm making puppets, "-Ollie

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the Mighty K Families that have helped out this year!

We appreciate you all so much!

Posted by Kindergarten on Saturday June 6 at 07:25AM
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Rocking and Rolling in K

May 21st was Red Nose Day. A day dedicated to raising money for children living in poverty. Paloma's grandma bought the entire class red noses to raise our awareness of this day.

"We are getting a picture with our red noses. My grammy gave the whole class red noses. I liked it."

- Paloma

"It's a picture of all of us wearing red noses on red nose day. It's a day where you red noses to help children who don't have food, or a bed, or schools to learn how to be smart, so it helps them do that."

- Kate

We learned a new card game in math...

"We learned a new card game called war. I played a lot with my dad. Each player gets a card from their deck and then they put it down, whatever number is higher wins. Whoever has the highest card gets to keep them and whoever has the very most at the end wins." - Obi

We had lunch with our buddies

"We're playing with Vivian. Buddies were eating lunch with us." - Sofia

"We were playing with the buddies and they came down for lunch." - Avery

"We're playing a game: tickle monster and if I don't eat my food, he will tickle me." - Christian

We Made Guitars!

A huge thank you to Dave Finkel for getting all the supplies, coordinating volunteers and leading the class in making their very own cigar box guitars! Also, a big thanks to all the dads who volunteered!

"Everyone one made one and I already made one before. It was fun having my dad come." - Clyde

"I'm making a guitar. I made it out of a box, strings and I don't know." - Eddie

"We're making guitars. We were changing the tune and putting in tiny, tiny screws." - Neva

"My dad was making guitars and he was helping Blumes and Lila. I really liked when my dad was there." - Princeton

"We're taking a picture for someone who wanted to take a picture of me and my dad stringing my guitar. The end. Bye bye." - Ollie

"My dad is cutting the extra string from the guitar. I liked it when we were making the guitars a lot."

- Alfie

"We're playing guitars." - William


"She learned a lot and she practiced. She taught us 'cause she practiced so much. It was fun." - Blumes

"A little fun. Good I guess." - Hudson

"We got to have scarfs on. We got to shake our hips." -Ruby

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday May 29 at 04:08PM
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From Shakespeare to ABC's...

Buddies Perform Shakespeare...

This week the Mighty K had several opportunities to practice their audience skills!

First up, our 6th grade Buddies performed selected scenes from different Shakespeare plays.

"I was watching the Shakespeare play, with my buddies."-Ruby

"Kanayo and Cate are doing Shakespeare!"-Obi

Readers Theatre with Dana and 3rd Grade

Next, a group of 3rd Graders came to share the work they are doing in Drama Class with the Mighty K.

"The 3rd Graders came for a play. It sorta made me take a nap and laugh."-Jack

Letters of the week!

Last week we did our final letter of the week.

Thursday we worked together to put letters in ABC order.

"We were doing the alphabet. My friends told me where to stand."-William

Then we used the letters we knew to make words.

"I was the letter 'A'. We were spelling."-Freddie

Finally, every student got to shape cookie dough into a letter.

Friday Explore Time:

Julien brought in his spin art maker!

"I'm making spin art. I liked it."-Arabella

We also built a world for Starburst out of blocks.

"We finished putting Starburst in the maze we made. It was one of the choices."-Clyde

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday May 15 at 04:49PM
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Our first harvest!

Beans were the first item our garden produced!

"We're picking peas. We get to eat them." -Avery

"We're picking them. We're showing them to you. We're going to eat them." - Paloma

Our Bird Study Continues...

We have been studying birds that live in different environments. So far, we have talked about birds that live in the arctic, desert, rainforest and city. As an added surprise, Ted came down with 5 special bird books for us!

"The peregrine falcon can glide. Birds can swoop, I think or something. Birds can eat fast and pigeons can fly faster than a cheetah runs." - Arabella

"I knowed that we did learn about birds because when they have their babies it looks really cute. The end." - Christian

Poetry Reading

Third graders came down and read us the poems they have been working on. It reminded us of our publishing parties.

"I was sad that is was short maybe. That is me watching him read."- Ollie

"The third graders were reading stories. It was fun." -Lila


This week we started skateboarding in PE. Sherry wants to make sure we're safe so she has us wear kneepads, elbow pads, gloves and helmets.

"I'm skateboarding. You have to wear kneepads, elbow pads, hand protectors and a helmet and a shower cap. And of course a skateboard." - Mae

"Skateboard. It's fun. We standed on the back line. Then we put our boards up." - Obi

Letter of the Week

This week's letter was T. Clyde's parents, Marni and Dave, came in and made tacos with us.

"It's hard making the meat because you need to stir it, flip it over and do a lot of stuff. I like having my mom and dad come in." - Clyde

"Because like cheese and olives and lettuce are my favorite and guacamole to tacos. Guacamole is my favorite to chips." - Princeton

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday May 8 at 03:39PM
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Busy, busy week here in the Cottage

Getting Little...

Monday morning we opened the doors to a refreshed group of kindergarteners. Parents came in with their children, got little and helped us to gently ease into a very busy week ahead.

"We were reading a story with my cat. My mama was reading it to us." -Eddie

"Oh, I was reading a story with Hudson and his mom in the morning."- Obie

"My dad was reading me and Ruby a story in the morning before school. I just love hearing stories." -Mae

Publishing party, round 2!

This week we had our second publishing party. For quite some time we have been working on writing our very own garden books. Imagine having a garden that grows whatever you imagine! What would it grow? How would you take care of it? What would randomly pop up? And, what would you do with your harvest? After growing our own real garden and reading several fantasy garden books we were inspired to create our own books... Upon completion we invited our sixth grade buddies down to listen while we shared our books with the class. They stayed and celebrated our hard work and bravery with us.

"I was reading a book to the buddies at publishing party. I wanted to grow cupcakes in my garden. Well, all chocolate cupcakes."-Lila

"I wanted to grow candy, like lollipops and chocolate bunnies." -Paloma

"The buddies came and heard all of the stories and then we got to celebrate with them and there were a lot of snacks." Neva

Bird, Bird, Bird....Birds the word!

As you may know, we have begun our bird studies here in the Mighty K. And who better to come down and share their knowledge with us, no other than our head of school, Ted! It was very exciting when Ted came down and gave a lesson on birds we may see here at the Oaks. He even guided us on our bird watching techniques and gave us a booklet full of pictures and information on local birds.

After Ted's visit, there was a lot of bird buzz happenin' down here in the cottage:

Kate: Today I spied a rock dove, a hummingbird and a crow.

Obi: That's impressive. Are you being serious?

Kate: Yeah, I am being so serious!

Clyde: I just saw this peregrine falcon. It was catching pigeons and eating them like it usually does.

Ollie: I think I saw a peregrine falcon go by. I knew because it flies really fast.

Arabella: Do you wanna know something exciting? I think the bird feeders are gonna make birds wanna make their nests at the cottage.

Friday Fun!

Our letter of the week was I. So, naturally we had to have ice cream sandwiches! Thanks to True and his mom, Nikki, we were able to enjoy a delicious treat on this warm Friday!

"I love ice cream, so I really love these ice cream sandwiches!" -Alfie

"Me and mama made them for the whole class. The whole class! And mine had chocolate chips and sprinkles." True

Posted by Kindergarten on Saturday May 2 at 02:34PM
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Circus Excitement!


We are continuing to build math strategies and skills by playing games.

This week we learned how to play TAPATAN a two player game where the children had to strategize how to get their markers in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

"We were partners and if you get three in a row you win." Blumes


In an effort to study birds that live in our environment, we made bird feeders to attract them to the kindergarten yard.

We used toilet paper rolls, smeared them with peanut butter and rolled them in bird seed.

"I'm making a bird feeder and I had to roll it in birdseed. We want the birds to come to study them"-Paloma

The teachers will hang them in the trees, and hopefully the squirrels won't eat them all!


"I was holding my juggle stick to perform. I was excited! When I'm in Multi-Age I will do the pogo stick!"-Princeton


Neva's mom, Connie, came and cooked for the Letter A this week!

"I was carving a zucchini in the bowl. Then I put it in the ABC cake."-True

"We had to grate the carrot and the apple and put it on the bowl with sugar and flour. We got the recipe from a book."-Neva

Posted by Kindergarten on Sunday April 26 at 12:42PM
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Birds of a Feather...

This week we began our study of birds. We wrote a list of what we know about birds
and another list about what we want to know about birds. When we are finished with our studies, we will create a list about what we learned. One of our first activities was
learning about the different body parts a bird has. We made our own birds and drew
the environment we thought they might live in.

"Balden Eagles eat fish and when they're carrying fish they can pass right by nose
'cause I'm allergic to fish."
- Princeton

"Birds build nests." - Jack

"Some birds live underground, some birds live high up in trees." - Ruby

"Making my bald eagle. It is big and wise and powerful. It lives in the tree. It has
blueberries in the tree." - Alfie

Pajama Day!

Today was pajama day at the Oaks. Kindergarteners dressed in their cozy jammies.

"I slept in them so it would be easier for me to put them on." -Christian

"We're taking a picture and I'm with Christian and I'm holding my paper airplane like a
shade thing or something and bye bye." Ollie

"We were taking a picture of people who were in pajamas. My pajamas are all around
the whole entire world, so if you want to go to a place you could just find it on my body
because I have a lot of places on my body." - Kate

I'm standing with my friends before lunch on pajama day. My pajamas had kitties and
hearts and it says 'I love Hello Kitty'." - Mae

"There pajamas: Ninja Turtles, kinda the same as Princeton's." - William

Friday Fun

We had a bunch of fun activities at explore time today. We made flower pens and
conditioner clay. Also, for this week's letter, S, Lila's mom and dad came in and made sandwiches with us. They were so delicious, some people had thirds!

"We used strawberry conditioner and then we put 4 bowls of corn starch and then we
really mixed it and then it made it: Goo." - Neva

"I'm pressing down the panini maker. It's gonna make the paninis." - Paloma

"We made grilled cheese: cheese and bread." - Clyde

"We're making flower pens: tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and tape." - Sofia

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday April 17 at 03:02PM
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Annnd, we're back...

Right back into the swing of things...

We hope everyone had a lovely two week break and we are so glad to be
reunited here in the cottage. This week we eased our way back into routines and enjoyed a bit of catch up with our friends after missing everyone.

"I found this flower on my way to school and then I even noticed it was the same
one that is in the book." Neva

"I am making flower soups in the sand." Billie

"Oh, we were just doing lego with my friends." Alfie
Friday Fun!

We kept busy this Friday with our assembly, art, music and of course cooking
our letter of the week. Our guest cooks this week were Erika and Donald,
Princeton's parents. In honor of our letter of the week, G, we made
Gaga Guacamole, delicious!

" In music we sang songs and played instruments." Ruby

" In art we made birds. I made a super bird but I actually made it a super bird by accident." Ollie

"Those are goggles, we were cutting stuff for guacamole, like
onions, so we didn't want our eyes to burn. So, if you touched your eyes they could sting but if you touched the goggles it would just
be a bit little blurry." Kate

"We were just making guacamole with my mom and my dad and
Blumes and Kate and Jack and Clyde. It was easy to make and then we are gonna eat it." Princeton
Posted by Kindergarten on Friday April 10 at 03:04PM
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Farm Fun!


The students realized that Chunky the Squirrel was digging up the seeds we planted in our garden. Students suggested that we build a scarecrow to scare Chunky away.

We brainstormed as a class about what things we need to build a scarecrow and then we worked on blueprints of what our ideal scarecrow would look like.

"I was drawing my blueprint for the scarecrow. I want him to be robotic!"-Clyde


We had an amazing time exploring life on a farm.

This was several Kindergartners first time riding a school bus.

From the looks on their faces we think they enjoyed it!

"We are getting in the bus! It was my first time on a bus it was the best time of my life!"-Alfie


We got to ride on a wagon driven by our special Farmer Tour Guide.

Our first stop was picking strawberries. We could only pick berries that were red, and didn't have any white spots!

We could even eat one while picking!

"I was riding on the tractor. Me and William are looking at strawberries."-True

"I'm holding strawberries and looked under plants for ripe ones. They tasted sour but good"-Chrisitan


Farmer Val taught us how to pick, carrots, radishes, kale, and beets.

We had to get down and dirty!

"I'm picking a round carrot. It was delicious. I rinsed it, peeled it, and ate it. It tasted like a regular carrot but way sweeter. I ate two!"-Kate


We had a little time to look at the animals and play on haystacks!

"I'm looking at a turkey at the Family Farms."-Mae

"I was sliding down. I didn't know if it was fun or fun. It was bumpy but I liked it!"-Obi

"We are climbing on the hay stacks. I really like climbing!"-Jack


Today Blume's mom Jen, came and made Quaker Oat Cookies.

Boy were they yummy!

"I was holding the bowl for Jack to stir for the Quacker cookies."-Blumes


"We were feeding Starburst with the lettuce. We held hands so she wouldn't run off the table!"-Billie

Posted by Kindergarten on Saturday March 14 at 09:17AM
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Kinder Garden!!!


Former kinder parent Matt Brown, our garden specialist, and his daughters Georgia and Olympia, came in to
help us plant our Spring garden.

"We're like getting our plants to go plant our carrot plants." - Neva

"We're doing the plants. He brought his kids because they go to this school. He helped us plant the garden." - Clyde

"We're gardening with someone who that's his job. I planted watermelon." - William

"We're planting with him because we were making our garden." -Alfie

"I was planting my carrot seed and he telled me where to plant it and Frederica, Mae, and Jack were waiting in line 'cause the wanted to plant carrots too." - Lila

"We are planting our garden with Matt, a very good gardener." - Jack

"I'm a planting the seeds in my hole that I made and I'm telling Avery how many seeds to put in." -Hudson

"We're planting broccoli beans." - Avery

"Watering my plant: watermelon." - Ollie

"I am gardening with a special gardener. We planted dill." - Mae
"He's handing us seeds and then we're planting them."
- Christian

We added a new job to the job chart

We discussed that
one thing seeds need to grow is water. So,
we added watering
our garden to the job chart.

"I was watering a plant because my job this
week is watering the
plants." - Arabella

"If we don't put water
in, then the flowers will die." - Princeton

A new installation

A white board was
installed in our circle
area on Thursday
evening. It was a fun
surprise for kids and
teachers Friday.

"I'm drawing on the
white board: a space
ship. It was so fun!"
- Julien

"I drew a sun and I put sunglasses on it and it had eyes
and a nose and a
mouth." - Hudson

Letter of the Week

This week's letter was O. Obi's mom, Sara, came in to make Orange popsicles.
Some predictions of how long they would take to freeze included:

"1 day and 1 night. A sun and a moon" - Jack

"1 hour and a half. Paloma drew a square and half a square." - William

"15 minutes. I kinda counted on the calendar chart and then I went back and wrote it and I was done. The end."
- Chloe

"Until mindful time. I wrote 'mindful time'. It was very, very fun." - Paloma

"So, it was fun. It was really fun blending with the electric blender and I really liked it when the feeling of the
oranges on the electric blender kinda liked spinned against my hand." -Obi

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday March 6 at 09:16PM
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