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Kindergarten Blog

Farm Fun!


The students realized that Chunky the Squirrel was digging up the seeds we planted in our garden. Students suggested that we build a scarecrow to scare Chunky away.

We brainstormed as a class about what things we need to build a scarecrow and then we worked on blueprints of what our ideal scarecrow would look like.

"I was drawing my blueprint for the scarecrow. I want him to be robotic!"-Clyde


We had an amazing time exploring life on a farm.

This was several Kindergartners first time riding a school bus.

From the looks on their faces we think they enjoyed it!

"We are getting in the bus! It was my first time on a bus it was the best time of my life!"-Alfie


We got to ride on a wagon driven by our special Farmer Tour Guide.

Our first stop was picking strawberries. We could only pick berries that were red, and didn't have any white spots!

We could even eat one while picking!

"I was riding on the tractor. Me and William are looking at strawberries."-True

"I'm holding strawberries and looked under plants for ripe ones. They tasted sour but good"-Chrisitan


Farmer Val taught us how to pick, carrots, radishes, kale, and beets.

We had to get down and dirty!

"I'm picking a round carrot. It was delicious. I rinsed it, peeled it, and ate it. It tasted like a regular carrot but way sweeter. I ate two!"-Kate


We had a little time to look at the animals and play on haystacks!

"I'm looking at a turkey at the Family Farms."-Mae

"I was sliding down. I didn't know if it was fun or fun. It was bumpy but I liked it!"-Obi

"We are climbing on the hay stacks. I really like climbing!"-Jack


Today Blume's mom Jen, came and made Quaker Oat Cookies.

Boy were they yummy!

"I was holding the bowl for Jack to stir for the Quacker cookies."-Blumes


"We were feeding Starburst with the lettuce. We held hands so she wouldn't run off the table!"-Billie

Posted by Kindergarten on Saturday March 14 at 09:17AM
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Kinder Garden!!!


Former kinder parent Matt Brown, our garden specialist, and his daughters Georgia and Olympia, came in to
help us plant our Spring garden.

"We're like getting our plants to go plant our carrot plants." - Neva

"We're doing the plants. He brought his kids because they go to this school. He helped us plant the garden." - Clyde

"We're gardening with someone who that's his job. I planted watermelon." - William

"We're planting with him because we were making our garden." -Alfie

"I was planting my carrot seed and he telled me where to plant it and Frederica, Mae, and Jack were waiting in line 'cause the wanted to plant carrots too." - Lila

"We are planting our garden with Matt, a very good gardener." - Jack

"I'm a planting the seeds in my hole that I made and I'm telling Avery how many seeds to put in." -Hudson

"We're planting broccoli beans." - Avery

"Watering my plant: watermelon." - Ollie

"I am gardening with a special gardener. We planted dill." - Mae
"He's handing us seeds and then we're planting them."
- Christian

We added a new job to the job chart

We discussed that
one thing seeds need to grow is water. So,
we added watering
our garden to the job chart.

"I was watering a plant because my job this
week is watering the
plants." - Arabella

"If we don't put water
in, then the flowers will die." - Princeton

A new installation

A white board was
installed in our circle
area on Thursday
evening. It was a fun
surprise for kids and
teachers Friday.

"I'm drawing on the
white board: a space
ship. It was so fun!"
- Julien

"I drew a sun and I put sunglasses on it and it had eyes
and a nose and a
mouth." - Hudson

Letter of the Week

This week's letter was O. Obi's mom, Sara, came in to make Orange popsicles.
Some predictions of how long they would take to freeze included:

"1 day and 1 night. A sun and a moon" - Jack

"1 hour and a half. Paloma drew a square and half a square." - William

"15 minutes. I kinda counted on the calendar chart and then I went back and wrote it and I was done. The end."
- Chloe

"Until mindful time. I wrote 'mindful time'. It was very, very fun." - Paloma

"So, it was fun. It was really fun blending with the electric blender and I really liked it when the feeling of the
oranges on the electric blender kinda liked spinned against my hand." -Obi

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday March 6 at 09:16PM
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100 days of kindergarten... pro status!

The Oaks School
6817 Franklin Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Posted by Kindergarten on Friday March 6 at 08:12AM
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Kindergarten Assembly!

Mardi Gras Celebration!

Tuesday was the start of Mardi Gras! Ollie's parents came in and shared a Mardi Gras story, passed out green, gold, and purple Mardi Gras beads, and made beignets!

"My Dad and I were passing out beads because it was Mardi Gras Day!!!"-Ollie


The Oaks' Post Office opened last week and The Mighty K jumped right in to letter writing.

We started by learning the basic structure of a letter . Then we wrote letters to our buddies.

"I was reading the board to get words to write a letter to my buddy" Princeton


Antonio came to Mighty K to make fresh orange juice with oranges from his tree!

"I made orange juice from Toto's (Antonio) tree at home." Mae


The Kindergarten Class worked with Carole & Sherry for our 2nd Assembly.

We sang The Garden Song and did a folk dance called "Jump Jim Joe".

"We are singing and dancing to 'Jump Jim Joe'."-Christian


Kate's mom Stefanie came to make Zebra Stripe Cupcakes! Yum!

"I was cooking a Zebra Cupcake!"-Ruby

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday February 20 at 03:03PM
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Celebrations, Cooking, and Collaboration...

Publishing Party

Kindergarten had its first publishing party.
Kindergarten students were both the author and illustrator in
creating their "I Like..." books.
When everyone had written and illustrated a book,
we read them to an audience.
Afterwards, we celebrated with delicious treats.

"I am watching Alfie reading his publishing party 'I Like' book." - True

"When it was my turn I was reading a book
and when it was other people's turn, I let them do it.
It was 'I Like' books and I got sweets." - Lila

"Ice Cream because it was the publishing party.
Marshmallows with whipped cream on it." - Blumes

Author Visit

Tad Hills, author and illustrator of the popular
Duck & Goose and Rocket books,
came to visit the Oaks. He read us a couple of his books,
showed us how to draw duck,
and showed us a picture of the real life Rocket.

"He showed us how to draw Duck with velcro and we just put them
together. I liked all of it." -William

"He drew Duck, then showed pictures of his dog that he put in the
story and also copied some pictures of his dog and Clyde learned how to make Duck." -Hudson

"We were knowing how to draw Duck from a story that we
read and he was showing us books that he made.
And he made the story of Duck." - Chloe

Painting a Mural

Antonio stretched
canvas and helped
us create a
collaborative garden
painting as
an extension
of our garden study.

"We're painting a
mural garden.
I think to hang up in
the art room." - Neva

"I'm watching them
painting a garden."
- Obi

Cooking in K

Avery's mom, Susan, came in to cook the letter Y
with us.
The children made Yogurt parfaits. Yummy!

"We made yogurt. I put fruit and granola and an umbrella in." - Sofia

"We put little candies in cups
and we put yogurt in the cups and granola
and fruit and it was so good." - Paloma
Christian's grandma, Sameerah, is visiting from. Jackson, Mississippi!
She taught us how to make flat bread. It's so fun when our relatives share special recipes.

"It was awesome! We cooked the bread.
Grandma cooked the bread with us." - Christian

"That was me cooking. She brought us aprons,gloves, and hats."
- Princeton

"Well we had to roll out the dough and
we had to make it into balls and we had to splat it down
and I got to eat it and it was really yum
and it was flat bread and that's all." - Kate

Valentine's Day

Kindergarteners made folders to store the Valentine's treats their friends brought
for them. Then we had a Valentine's Day celebration.

"We're putting our Valentine's in the folders." - Clyde

"Looking at the eraser. I felt pretty good." - Hudson

"Well, we're taking out our stuff from our
package from Valentine's." -True

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday February 13 at 04:38PM
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Welcome, February... we're gettin' ready for spring!

Physical Knowledge!
This week during math, new physical knowledge games were introduced. Students were given materials for bowling, incline ramps, and straw/fuzzy ball blowing and they made up their own guidelines.

"I was bowling. We set up the pins and then we tried to knock down all 5 pins, then
Kamilah gave us the six pins. Then we started to play with them until clean up." Julien

"I was making a trap, a marble trap." True
"We're building ramps." Avery
"I was choosing the one that goes
the fastest. It was the pink one." Arabella

In the group you are sitting in, how can you split the snack at your table so everyone has
the same amount to eat? And, can you tell the class how your group solved this

"We did the same amount. We got the same apricots the same of the popcorn. Then we made sure they were all the same. And then we ate them. But I didn't eat the apricots. I
hate apricots." Alfie

Grow Lab!
This week we planted in our indoor grow lab. Students each picked out what they wanted
to grow for our spring garden. Using soil and
seeds, we planted them in their planter cups
and placed them in the warmth of the
grow lab.
"I was digging to plant." Eddie

"I am gonna grow a little flower." Kate

"Oh, that's when I put it under the light
to grow." Clyde
Our new spring bulletin is making it's way up...

We have been discussing the needs of a seed to grow and make a garden. This week students collaboratively painted pieces for the bulletin.

"That's when we painted to put that up in the class." Sofia

"I am painting raindrops cause it can infect the plants so they know how to grow." Lila

"I am painting the lady bug with Lila." Freddy

Closing our week...

Fridays in the cottage are always a lot of fun and really busy! Today, we had a
return visit from our seasoned Kindergarten letter of the week cook, Chloe's
mom, who returned to make x-tra cheesy macaroni and cheese for our
letter of the week...X! It was cheesy and deilcious!

We also gave Starburst her weekly bath in the warm sun. And others were
busy stenciling.

"We made macaroni and cheese. It was sooooo cheesy. It was like a party." Billie

"We are giving Starburst a bath that she liked." Paloma

"I drew beautiful butterflies. They were so
beautiful." Ruby
Posted by Kindergarten on Monday February 9 at 03:39PM
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Fun Times in Mighty K!


This week the Kindergartners worked on making books about things they like to do.

Ideas ranged from video games, bunnies, and cooking with their parents!

"I'm working on my I like books. One page is about bunnies and another is about Buttercup."-Arabella


The Kindergartners are working on a song to sing for our upcoming Assembly on February 20th!

We can't wait for you to hear it!


Some friends, painted flowers for classroom decorations.

Maybe some of these flowers will grow in our garden!

"I'm making flowers out of paint. I made a daisy."-Neva


"We are giving Starburst a bath. She just walked a little bit. She didn't really get into the water."-Sophia


Paloma and her parents helped us cook this week.

"We are making waffles with Daddy. They are whole wheat waffles."

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday January 23 at 04:40PM
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Plants and Animals...Oh My!

Introducing Starburst

Kindergarten has a new member! The newest addition to the kindergarten family is female bearded dragon. A huge thank you to Chloe and Liz for making this possible.

We had many great name suggestions and ultimately the children chose the name Starburst. In further
discussion the children mentioned that most people have a first, middle and last name, so her full name is
Starburst Spike Bunbunbe.

"My mommy picked her out. She was the biggest and she was cute. I don't know anything else." - Chloe

"So, well we got to pet her and then we got to like well she would come back to us and like scream." - Neva

"We voted for her name and it is Starburst." - Julien

How Do Seeds Travel?

We read that seeds travel by flying, floating, and sticking to animals. We decided to test this new knowledge out...

"I was holding the tiger because he's so funny. We are sticking seeds to the tiger because seeds get stuck to

you." -Frederica

"We're dropping the seeds 'cause we're testing if they're floating or sinking." - Avery

"I'm holding the seed and making it wind. It didn't fly, it flew a little bit." - True

"Seeds travel by wind because the wind can blow them somewhere. The wind can blow them into a hole,

and then blow some dirt over it and then some water will come." - Clyde

Parts of a Plant

We investigated the different parts of a plant. Did you know that you can eat
different parts of plants? Science can be delicious!

"We were counting the fruit by eating it on the end and second graders came."
- Eddie

"It's parts of a flower, but we eat them." - Sofia

"I'm making my flower and I was gluing them on and I had to use lots of glue
because it was falling off and then I finally got it. Flowers have petals, and a stem, and some roots and a leaf." - Kate

Cooking with K

The letter of the week this week was V. Jenny and Tom, Ollie's parents, made
vanilla cake dip with us. Yummy!

"He's (Ollie) cool, he's nice. He loves peanuts. He loves to suck on peanut shells. It (cooking with his parents) was very fun." - Ollie

"I loved it. It was so good." - Paloma


We started hockey this week in P.E.

"Hockey. We're hitting the pucks." - Christian

"We were playing keep away. We wear helmets. The helmets were black and
white." - Obi

"I'm in the PE. I'm playing hockey!" - Alfie

"We were playing hockey. Whoever gets the puck
first, like you do this kind of
face off thing, whoever gets it, you have to keep the partner from getting the
Then once the partner gets it, you try to get it back." - Hudson

Posted by Kindergarten on Friday January 16 at 03:51PM
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Happy New Year....

We're back from break and we hit the ground running...movin' and groovin' in 2015!

"That's my new journal and I really liked it." -Princeton

"I'm making a ladybug in my journal, it's sitting on a leaf." -Ollie

New year means....new journals!

2014 was very busy and many of our journals were
filled to the brim with ideas and creativity....Thus, a new year
required a new place for all of our wonders.

Problem of the day

Here's a challenge for you... If Tom the turtle's twin came to visit, how many legs would there be all together?

How can you figure it out? And further, show how
you figured it out.

"I was writing what's the answer to Tom the turtle's sister coming to
our class." -Ruby

"We were wondering about math work." -True

Specialist Classes...

We were busy in the class as well as in specialist classes.
This week in PE we played Keepers of the Castle, in library we
had to figure out how many letters are in our names, in drama
we're engaged in Courduroy, in art we decorated our school
portraits (check them out on the way to the office, sometime
soon) and in music we learned the chicken dance!

"I was putting all my friends names on that calendar and my mom was helping me."

"I'm walking on a balance and I'm being like a circus person being on a balance beam."

"Oh, thats me at PE, I think we were playing four corner capture
that day." -Obi

"Right there I was spinning in a circle in music class because we
were learning a dance and like singing a song. It was really

Letter of the week...

Our letter of the week this week was the letter U... and Chloe's mom came
in for her second round of cooking with us and made umbrella
smoothies... we were big fans!

"I made berry smoothies with my mom named Liz." -Chloe

"Im drinking a smoothie!" -William
Posted by Kindergarten on Monday January 12 at 08:37AM
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Seasons Greetings!

Enjoy your Winter Break. We appreciate all of your support this semester and your generous gifts!


Vanessa, Sarah, & Kamilah

Posted by Kindergarten on Monday January 12 at 08:36AM
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