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Kindergarten Blog

September 12, 2014

This week was our first complete week in kindergarten! We spent a lot of time exploring our materials
and getting used to our daily schedule. Check out some of the fun, new things we did this week.

"Making our names with beans and with macaroni and cheese." - Obi

We explored our math manipulatives...

"Doing pegs. The pegs are something you put inside the white
dots and you can make a pattern or picture or anything." - Kate

The 6th graders came down and introduced themselves to us. 
We are very excited to choose our buddies next week.

"The one next to the girl (Scarlett) I think will be my buddy 'cause I like her." - Mae
"I'm playing water. I'm making a waterfall." - Princeton
"I'm drawing in my journal. It's something you write and draw, but most journals have little lines that you write inside of." - Clyde
"Us doing the painting in his class. I think it was good." - Julien
"We're drawing the sign-in sheet" - Paloma
"I'm making a pizza, cake and then some pie." - Christian

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Welcome to Mighty K!

This week the members of The Mighty K met their teachers, new friends, and got acquainted with the classroom!

Playtime with our class Savannah Monitor "Skittles".

Kindergartners explore Music with Carole.

Kindergartners work on decorating name tags for their cubbies.