Seen & Heard: The Circus
Posted 04/20/2017 12:17PM

In 1998 a new tradition began at The Oaks. It started with a visit from Scott Clere, who introduced the school to CREATIVE ATHLETICS. It was only one day of fun, which consisted of learning how to use juggle sticks, diabolos, juggling bean bags, and the kids loved it so much that the next year Scott was asked to come back for one week to teach the circus arts. At the end of that week, each grade level had an opportunity to perform a creative athletic skill that they had practiced that week, during a whole school assembly. It was such a success that the tradition has been continued ever since.

Every year the kids have added additional skills, such as riding a unicycle, feathers, hula hoops, spinning plates, stilts, pogo sticks, and walking globe ball. The kids spend four weeks practicing their skills to prepare for the circus. In forty five minutes to an hour the kids of The Oaks School dazzle their parents, teachers, classmates and siblings with their new found skills.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday, April 28th.

Q: What is most exciting to you about the circus?

"My favorite is that after we are done practicing, we get to do free play and I get to do the pogo sticks. For the circus I am doing feathers, at the end you do your nose, chin and chest." - Omara, MA

"We are all very excited and very nervous. That's all I have." - Rocco, Kindergarten

"Putting a lot of effort and time into an act that you normally wouldn't maybe feel comfortable doing, maybe it's out of your comfort zone. You put so much effort and time and it ends up being special and you feel proud of it." - Georgia, 5th Grade

"Learning how to do things that you don't always learn at other schools." - Dolores, 4th Grade

"I like performing in front of everything and watching the other people perform." - Una, 3rd Grade

"I feel like it's going to be a special morning." - Mac, Kindergarten

"I think it's exciting because you get to have an audience. It's something that even if you don't like preparing for it, you feel proud of it once you do it. It gives you pride knowing that you have a skill that not many people have. You don't just tell someone in the street, hey I know how to walk on a ball, want to go walk on balls together?" - Lana, 6th Grade

"What I like about the circus is that my friend Jack when I was in 1st grade last year left the school, he was the only person that got to do diabolos and this year I got to be with Hudson and Alfie. I think it's exciting because I get to work with some people that I haven't worked with before." - Julien, MA

"It's exciting when you first come on and when we are starting to go through the preparations and routines for your act. I am doing ball, when you step onto the ball and you are about to do your act, there is just a surge of excitement." - Odin, 5th Grade

"I think it's being able to perform or do weird things you aren't able to do every day, like stilts." - Georgia, 4th Grade

"I get to work with three of my friends doing spinning the plate. I am really excited and a little nervous." - Avery, MA

"It is my first time, so I am very excited. I didn't know how to do anything at the beginning, now I am working on the balls, rings and on better balancing. Everything that I have been doing is also helping me in the real world, because I have better catching skills." - Siena, 6th Grade

"I am very excited because it is my first circus. So I am excited about all of it honestly." - Kate, 3rd Grade

"The thing I really like about the circus, is that there is a lot of cool stuff to do. If you do pogo sticks, your legs feel cool. It's a great form of exercise." - Atticus, MA

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