Alumni Spotlights

You can expect to see alumni visiting at Grandfriends' Day or at the Winter Sing, helping out in P.E. class or in the drama room. Each May we invite the Kindergarten Buddies of that year's graduating class back to The Oaks to reconnect. The soon-to-be college freshman offer the soon-to-be 7th graders advice about life after The Oaks. Our students look forward to reconnecting with their buddies as they prepare to graduate.

To hear more about The Oaks experience from students themselves, read our Alumni Spotlights.

Audrey Standish

The Oaks School '10
Crossroads '16

I remember walking into Kindergarten on the first day of school, and seeing all new kids, new families, and new teachers. I refused to let go of my mom’s hand, and was too shy to talk to any of the other kids. But I also remembered that by the end of the day I was friends with everyone, and I knew that a family had begun to form. That’s what The Oaks is, a family. A family full of unique kids that aren’t afraid to be themselves, and inspiring teachers who make you want to learn.

At The Oaks I learned to ask questions, I learned about being considerate to others, and most importantly, I learned to believe and have confidence in myself. I remember being so scared to get up in front of everyone and sing on the day of our graduation. But everyone stood behind me and pushed me to be the best person I could be, and I did it. And that was a thing I feel no other school could have done for me. The Oaks not only gave me confidence, and a family, but also a voice.

Alumni Spotlight

Raphael Anderson Ayers

The Oaks School '07
Westmark '13
Columbia College Chicago '17

"The Oaks is a home for dreamers." As clichè as that may sound, I will always dream big, and use my creativity to succeed in every tough endeavor, thanks to what I learned at The Oaks. I also learned that hard work does pay off in the long run. My advice to Oaks' graduates would be to do your homework each and every day, stay focused, stay poised and be patient. Things will eventually fall into place.

I've learned so much from being at The Oaks that I will cherish for a lifetime like the wonderful friendships and bonds I've had there. I will always remember the many wonderful moments in the assemblies, P.E., the Art & Music room, and after school, hanging out with my friends.

Alumni SpotlightAnna Bahr

The Oaks School '04
Oakwood '10
Barnard College '14

At The Oaks I learned not only to speak publicly, write confidently, take risks, and ask questions, but I learned the value of community. I learned the significance of participating and problem solving in my own environment, and also that relying on and trusting the support of those around me can be a saving grace.

The Oaks taught me patience and the necessity of diverse perspectives to better understand my personal truths. The school taught me to listen carefully before speaking. As someone whose first instinct is to assert my opinions, the essential and respectful consideration of others' perspectives, whether in the Peace Corner or dinnertime debates, and reevaluating my own has been immeasurably important.

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