The Language Arts program at The Oaks is designed to ensure that every child develops a love of literature and confidence in writing.  Through fully integrated curriculum, children are actively involved in projects and activities that hone their communication skills in all subject areas.  

The Writers Workshop approach, founded on the belief that active writers are engaged readers, provides children with abundant class time in which to write and develop a strong sense of authorship, and editing/publishing skills.  Students explore the full process of the writing cycle: drafting, revising, editing, proofing and publishing.  Mastering the conventions of structure and style is developed through study and practice in a wide variety of genres, including research reports, biography and autobiography, fiction and non-fiction, prose and poetry.

Integral to the development of excellence in writing is the development of a true love of literature and fluency in reading.  Comprehension, decoding skills, word recognition and rich vocabularies are developed through a wide variety of strategies in independent, group and directed reading.

Themes in Social Studies help students develop understanding of people and places across time.  Children develop awareness of the interconnectedness of people, culture, and their environment.  They learn the importance and relevance of history and culture, acquiring the habit of using what they learn to inform their choices and interactions with their world.

Science gives students the opportunity to engage in exploration and critical problem solving.   Students learn to ask relevant questions about the physical world, explore relationships and make scientific connections.

Math gives students the opportunity to discern mathematical relationships and to reason logically.  Using Everyday Math as a core for extended math exploration, students learn techniques and strategies for mathematical thinking.   Students build fluency in computation and a thorough understanding of number sense, providing the foundation for increasingly complex problem solving.