Tuition Payment Plans

Tuition Payment Plans

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2012-13 School Year Tuition Payment 

We have teamed up with FACTS Management to coordinate tuition payment plans. If you have selected to use the online payment options, new and returning families must to set up a payment account by following the instructions below. Once the set up is complete, The Oaks School will be automatically notified.

One Agreement Per Family: A family who enrolls more than one student is required to set up one agreement per family.

Late Payment Fee: The Oaks School will charge a monthly $35 late payment fee when the monthly tuition payment is missed. This fee will be automatically charged to your bank account on the second withdrawal attempt (i.e., the 20th of the month.) In addition, FACTS will charge a $30 returned payment fee.

Payment Calculation: Tuition and all fees will be on the first bill for July 5, 2012 and payments will be added to the first FACTS payment schedule automatically. If you have paid a reservation deposit, this amount will be deduced from your July billing. FACTS will mail the Confirmation Letter with the payment plan selected and the total amount due on July 5, 2012.

Tuition Payment Plan 3 and Financial Aid 

Ten (10) monthly tuition installments are due on the 5th of each month, beginning on July 5, 2012 and ending on April 20, 2013.

Payments are made by electronic withdrawal from designated checking or savings account or by charge to your credit card (a 2.5% credit card fee will be included.)

FACTS Enrollment Procedures 

Enrolling online is the fastest and most direct method of submitting your FACTS e-Cashier Automatic Payment Agreement to FACTS.

Step 1: Information Needed to Complete Enrollment

  • Name, Address and email address of the person responsible for making payments
  • Bank name, account number and bank routing number
  • Student ID (can be found on the invitation which was mailed or emailed to you earlier)

Step 2: Complete All Required Information Online (5-10 minutes)