The Oaks School is located on the beautiful grounds of the Hollywood United Methodist Church. Although we are not affiliated with the church, we enjoy a collegial and beneficial relationship with the church community.  The school supports a wide variety of religious beliefs and embrace the spiritual values brought to us by our diverse population.

The inspiring 1920s Thomas P. Barber architecture of the church adds a sense of history and warmth to our campus. Classrooms are large, most with beautiful stained-glass windows and high ceilings.  Our Kindergarten class is held in “The Cottage,” a cozy house separate from the hustle and bustle of the older grades, with its own outdoor learning space.  The Oaks shares a parking lot with the church, allowing parents to walk with the children to their classrooms.

Physical education classes are held in a full gymnasium and a spacious outdoor area, “The Big Yard,” which allows for playing a wide variety of games and sports

A hillside green space above The Big Yard has been lovingly landscaped with native California flora, nature paths and group seating areas. This serves as an outdoor classroom as well as a lovely corner of our campus in which to rest, think, eat lunch and explore. Upon completion of a proposed water feature, the hillside will qualify as a designated wildlife habitat.

Inside our historic walls, the beautiful Zachary Fried Memorial Library, opened in the Fall of 1999, offers another unique learning center, with an extensive collection of books for children and adults, a story-telling area, and a state-of-the-art computer center.