Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

A team of energetic and passionate faculty, staff, and administration committed to the school’s mission leads the school. A number of long-term faculty and staff members promote stability and continuity, while ongoing additions to both faculty and administration create continuing opportunities for growth.



Ted Hamory, Head of School

Patty García Word, Assistant Head of School


Kamilah Hatcher, Kindergarten

Sarah Willis, Kindergarten

Vanessa Gonzales, Kindergarten

April Vail, Multi-Age

Virginia Espinueva, Multi-Age

Kathleen Falvey, Multi-Age

Dharinne Perera-Myers, Multi-Age

Janet Thometz, 3rd Grade

Kelsey Conn, 3rd Grade

Samantha Alvarez-Haynes, 4th Grade

Molly Garcia, 4th Grade

Casey Hester, 5th Grade

Jonathan Drummey, 5th Grade

Stevie Gere, 6th Grade

Ron Dotson, 6th Grade


Carole Beren, Music

Dana Clavin, Drama

Gail Draper, Librarian

Marilyn Parkin, Visual Arts

Antonio Puleo, Project Coordinator

Sherry Talsky, Physical Education


Jaime Alvarez, Director of Finance

Edward Cheang, IT Specialist

Abigail Grenon, Communications & Operations Manager

Natalie Mast, Associate Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management

Vanessa Robles, Yard Supervisor

Gary Stager, STEM Director

Mischel Thomas, Office Coordinator

Lorena Varela, Business Office Assistant