Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The role of The Oaks Board of Trustees is to hold the school and the mission in its trust, to protect and nurture the core values of the school while simultaneously forecasting and preparing for the future.

This strategic planning includes ensuring the fiscal health of the school so that it may best serve the program today and will continue to best serve future generations of students. The planning also includes oversight of the lease and housing of the school, ensuring that the school has followed the guidelines and recommendations set forth during the accreditation process and is following current “best practices” in its legal responsibilities and in relationship to the staff and faculty.  The Board hires and empowers a Head of School who is entrusted with executing the school's mission.

The Head of School reports to the Board and is responsible for a vital and relevant curriculum and faculty that reflect the mission of the school. The Head of School's responsibilities include all decisions as they relate to faculty, staff, and admissions as well as the daily management of the school facilities and finances.

The Board and the Head of School work together to support and create an engaging, nurturing, and forward thinking institution which holds the best interests of its children at the forefront at all times.


2013-14 Board of Trustees

Clarissa Troop*, Board Chair
Barbara Bloom*, Vice President
Kelly Bevan Spirer**, Treasurer
Shelley Meals*, Secretary

Chris Bensinger**
Albert Berger**
Matthew Brown*
Ron Dotson, Faculty Representative
Ted Hamory, Head of School
Randy Hermann*
Emily Karaszewski**
Mary Beth Kirchner*
Peter Lizotte*
Sarah McHale*, PA President
Pamela Shamshiri*
Avi Sylbert*
Emma Thomas Nolan*
Shana Weiss*

*Current Parent
** Alumni Parent

Bylaws: In Progress